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      The new entrant in retail genre, Nitya comes from the background of B2B in Gold and Diamond Jewellery. Strategically located in Burrabazar, Kolkata Nitya has excellent modern pieces of handcrafted fine jewellery specially catering to modern brides. We have launched the brand in November 2022 and continue to do their social media amplification to create awareness.


      With 20 of years experience Nitya’s founders Manish Gupta & Priyanka Gupta had a vision to redefine gold and diamond jewellery designs. They wanted to narrate the stories from the point of view of those who adorn their pieces. Their designs are sleek and extremely modern for the new age Indians women and brides.

      The Brand Story

      Born with a simple dream to be a jeweller that creates a differentiation with their art.
      To create pieces that embodies the soul of the wearer.

      The Vision

      To be not just a brand name, but a habit among the new generation Indians.

      Crafting the Identity

      Cool Moodboard

      Launching the Brand

      Building Presence in Social Media


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