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      KNI Airport, Durgapur


      Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, or Durgapur Airport is fully functional airport. It has direct connectivity with all the major metros – New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad.

      There are daily direct and one stop flights on Indigo and SpiceJet.

      Designed by Changi Airport International, KNI offers passengers full-service facilities that include shopping, dining, Wi-Fi and lounge services.



      Lack of salience: In the absence of sustained communication and visibility.

      Deeply entrenched behavior: A tendency of choosing Kolkata airport, for the sheer habit and comfort.

      Lack of awareness: Travelers traveling to the catchment area, might not be aware that Durgapur is closer than Kolkata.

      Key take out from research

      • – While everyone is familiar with KNI, they know it as Andal airport
      • – KNI seems to have made a customer base, who are repeatedly availing flights because of convenience
      • – They are aware about the airport as they have either personally experienced or heard from sources
      • – Traveling for work is one of the major reasons to travel, but limited timing options, lack of transportation to the airport and less information is a major deterrent
      • – Consumers are price sensitive, the cost to hire an additional transportation like cab or private car, dissuades them from traveling via KNI
      • – The biggest factor to avail flights is saving time
      • – There is a keenness to come to the airport
      • – The transportation system between the main gate and KNI airport needs to be improved

      The Target Group

      Inbound flyers: Flying for work and business. Their current habit is to fly-in to Kolkata and avail a car / train to travel to the towns.

      Outbound flyers: Air travelers in and around Durgapur as well as potential air travelers residing in areas outside the immediate catchment in towns like Bardhhaman, Bankura, Birbhum, Murshidabad, etc.


      Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport

      Banglar Notun Udaan


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      Outdoor Branding – Urban And Rural

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      Digital Numbers

      • 2,200% Rise in organic reach in social media platforms
      • 8,000% Growth in organic traffic in the brand website
      • No 9 (Avg. rank) in Google SERP in more than 30 keywords
      • 1.9M Reach – The number of people who saw our fb ads
      • 16.9M Ad impressions generated (Google + META)
      • 5,000% Increase of social media followers (0-5000+)

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