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      Client Brief


      Planning & Execution


      iLead Institute, a leading education provider, approached PromotEdge with challenges stemming from their existing website. The website was burdened with numerous courses, extensive content, heavy imagery, and other complexities impacting speed and usability. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they engaged our web development team to revamp their online platform.


      Too Many Courses:

      Challenge: Managing and presenting an extensive array of courses without overwhelming visitors.

      Extensive Content:

      Challenge: Handling a variety of content types, including text, images, videos, and downloadable brochures.

      Heavy on Images:

      Challenge: Balancing the aesthetic appeal of rich images without sacrificing site speed.

      Many Site Visitors:

      Challenge: Ensuring uptime and performance under heavy traffic.

      Regular Content Updates:

      Challenge: Facilitating easy updates to keep content fresh and relevant.

      SEO Guidelines:

      Challenge: Following best practices for search engine optimization.

      Multiple Displays:

      Challenge: Accommodating various display types and sizes.

      Dynamic Forms:

      Challenge: Creating adaptable forms for different departments and courses.

      Showcasing Old and New Websites:

      Challenge: Embedding frames to display both old and new websites.


      Phase 1: Analysis and Strategy
      • Conducted a thorough review of iLead’s existing website and collaborated closely to understand specific needs.
      • Developed a customized strategy to address the challenges, ensuring a holistic approach to the redevelopment process.
      Phase 2: Design and Development
      • Course Management : Developed a categorized and searchable course directory to manage the extensive list of offerings effectively.
      • Content Optimization : Implemented efficient content delivery and optimized images to balance visual appeal and speed.
      • Scalable Architecture : Adopted a scalable architecture to handle heavy traffic, ensuring uptime and optimal performance.
      • Easy Content Management : Integrated a user-friendly CMS for regular updates and incorporated SEO best practices.
      • Responsive Design : Created a responsive design to adapt to various displays, ensuring a seamless user experience.
      • Dynamic Forms: Built dynamic forms to cater to different departments and courses, enhancing user interaction.
      • Website Comparison : Embedded frames to showcase both old and new websites, allowing for easy comparison.
      Phase 3: Testing, Launch, and Client Feedback
      • Conducted extensive testing to ensure seamless functionality.
      • Received positive client feedback upon launch, reflecting the success of the revamped website.


      Improved User Experience:

      The site became more navigable and user-friendly, addressing the challenge of overwhelming course information.

      Increased Site Speed:

      Optimizations led to a remarkable 60% increase in site speed, improving overall user satisfaction.

      Enhanced SEO Performance:

      Implemented SEO best practices resulting in improved rankings and increased organic traffic.

      Successful Integration:

      Seamlessly integrated various elements like dynamic forms, multiple displays, and efficient course management.


      The collaboration between PromotEdge and iLead Institute resulted in a website that not only met but exceeded expectations. The tailored solutions and close collaboration with the client led to an enriched user experience, efficient content management, and improved overall performance. The positive testimonial from iLead reflects our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The iLead Institute’s new website stands as a testament to the successful integration of design, functionality, and content strategy to meet the unique needs of a diverse audience.


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