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      DTC Southern Heights


      The primary goal was to create a visually appealing and engaging video that showcased the Clubhouse Lunch experience at DTC Southern Heights. The video aimed to emphasize the luxurious lifestyle and amenities the project offers, with a particular focus on the Clubhouse and its dining facilities. Additionally, incorporating a model in the video aimed to add a touch of sophistication and aspirational appeal to the lifestyle portrayed.



      The creative team collaborated closely with the client to conceptualize the video, focusing on highlighting the Clubhouse Lunch experience and the overall lifestyle at DTC Southern Heights. The decision to include a model was made to add a human element and enhance the aspirational appeal.


      A detailed script was crafted to outline the scenes, dialogues, and the overall flow of the video. It included key messages about the Clubhouse, the dining experience, and the unique features of DTC Southern Heights.

      Location Scouting

      The Clubhouse and its surroundings were carefully scouted to identify the most picturesque and appealing locations for shooting. This included the dining area, poolside, and other amenities.


      A model was selected based on criteria such as elegance, compatibility with the brand image, and the ability to convey a sophisticated lifestyle. The model was briefed about the project, their role, and the overall concept.


      Shoot Day

      The production team executed the shoot according to the scripted plan. Multiple takes were done to ensure the capture of the perfect shots showcasing the Clubhouse Lunch experience and the model’s interaction with the surroundings.

      Model Interaction

      The model was directed to engage in various activities, including enjoying the Clubhouse Lunch, socializing by the pool, and exploring other amenities. This aimed to create a narrative that resonated with the target audience’s desire for a luxurious lifestyle.

      Cinematography and Lighting

      Professional cinematographers used high-quality equipment to capture stunning visuals, emphasizing the elegance of DTC Southern Heights. Strategic lighting techniques were employed to enhance the ambiance and highlight key features.


      Editing and Storytelling

      The post-production team edited the footage to create a seamless and visually captivating narrative. The video was crafted to tell a story that showcased the Clubhouse Lunch as a key part of the luxurious lifestyle at DTC Southern Heights.

      Graphics and Branding

      Branding elements, including the DTC Southern Heights logo and tagline, were incorporated into the video. Graphics and animations were used to highlight key features and amenities.


      The final promotional video successfully conveyed the luxurious lifestyle at DTC Southern Heights, with the Clubhouse Lunch experience taking center stage. The inclusion of the model added a human touch and aspirational appeal, resonating with the target audience. The video was widely shared on social media platforms, generating increased interest and inquiries about the real estate project.

      The success of the Clubhouse Lunch promotional shoot video demonstrated the effectiveness of using visual storytelling to connect with potential buyers and showcase the unique features of a real estate project. DTC Southern Heights continued to leverage similar strategies in its marketing efforts



      Equipments used:
      Particular Used
      Camera Sony Alpha 7 Mark 3
      Lens Sony CP3
      Drone DJI Phantom 3
      Gimbal Rohin RS1

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