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      Weichai India


      Weichai is the world’s largest engine manufacturing company originated in China. Today, It is a 44 BUSD conglomerate with multi field and multi industry approach.

      They are committed to building intelligent industrial equipment and manufacture engines at the facility located in Pune, Maharashtra.


      To become India’s most trusted Engine Brand


      To avoid risk, consumers prohibits acceptance of Chinese products.

      Marine Engines

      After talking to several fishermen, it has been derived that a fisherman has to work in adverse conditions and thus need a reliable engine

      Fuel efficiency is required to stand against rising fuel price, adverse weather conditions (frequent Cyclones)

      Understanding the locally rooted issues that differs from one coastal area to another is difficult

      ON & OFF Road Engines

      Locally available service support and spares of global technology

      Cost reduction with performance boost

      Learning from research

      • – The brand legacy and brand perception is what makes an engine company create space in the market.
      • – Ownership cost differs from brand to brand but it is the brand name and trust associated to the company that help make the decision too.
      • – Market is moving towards Fuel efficient engine solutions.
      • – Customers need low total cost of ownership.
      • – How an engine uses up diesel is another point customer looks for cost efficiency.

      Target Audience

      Marine engine buyers Fishing & Commercial

      On & off- road engine buyers On-Highway Application & Off-Highway Application



      ‘Engineered to Win’

      Concept Note

      We win together

      Weichai is someone who adds movement to our daily lifestyles, journeys, livelihoods. This is how Weichai aspires to associate and fuel everyday progress of Indian lives. It becomes our partner while marching forward with pride and prosperity.

      Weichai conveys stories of journeys and fuels everyday stories of hardworking Indians with a touch of emotion.

      Digital Campaign





      Digital Numbers

      • 178% Rise in organic reach in Facebook
      • 800% Rise in organic reach in Instagram
      • 44% Growth in organic traffic in the brand website
      • 94% Rise in organic SM post engagement
      • 13% Increase of social media followers

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