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      B.P. Poddar Hospital

      Client Brief


      The primary objective of the campaign was to create awareness about BP Podder Hospital’s expertise in knee replacement surgeries and to position the hospital as a reliable and compassionate healthcare provider for individuals suffering from knee-related issues.


      Market Research

      Before launching the campaign, extensive market research was conducted to understand the target audience’s preferences, concerns, and expectations. Insights from this research guided the development of the campaign message and its delivery channels.

      Creative Development

      A team of marketing experts collaborated with healthcare professionals to craft a compelling and informative message. The creative content highlighted the hospital’s advanced technology, experienced surgeons, and patient-centric approach to knee replacement procedures. Real-life success stories and testimonials were incorporated to instill confidence in potential patients.

      Multichannel Approach

      The campaign utilized a multichannel approach to maximize its reach. This included television commercials, radio spots, print advertisements in local newspapers and magazines, online platforms, and social media. Each channel was strategically chosen based on the target audience’s media consumption habits.

      Educational Workshops and Seminars

      BP Podder Hospital organized educational workshops and seminars to engage directly with the community. Orthopedic specialists led discussions on common knee problems, the importance of timely intervention, and the benefits of knee replacement surgery. These events not only educated the audience but also provided an opportunity for direct interaction with the hospital’s medical professionals.


      Increased Patient Inquiries

      The campaign led to a significant increase in patient inquiries regarding knee replacement procedures. The hospital’s helpline and online inquiry forms reported a surge in activity, indicating heightened interest from the target audience.

      Positive Public Perception

      Feedback from the community suggested a positive shift in the perception of BP Podder Hospital as a trustworthy destination for knee replacement surgeries. The incorporation of real patient testimonials in the advertisements played a crucial role in building credibility.

      Community Engagement

      The workshops and seminars attracted a diverse audience, allowing the hospital to connect with the community on a personal level. Attendees appreciated the informative sessions and the opportunity to interact directly with healthcare professionals.

      Online Presence Enhancement

      The optimized website experienced increased traffic, with a higher number of visitors exploring information related to knee replacement services. This improvement in online presence contributed to the hospital’s visibility and accessibility.



      BP Podder Hospital’s knee replacement advertisement campaign successfully achieved its objectives by effectively reaching the target audience, creating awareness, and establishing the hospital as a preferred choice for orthopedic care. The multichannel approach, coupled with community engagement initiatives, contributed to the campaign’s overall success in revitalizing mobility for individuals suffering from knee issues.


      Equipment’s used:
      Particular Used
      Camera Black Magic 6K
      Lens Sony CP3
      Drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro
      Gimbal Rohin S3

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