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      Social Media Marketing Agency in Guwahati

      Social media agency in Guwahati

      Today, starting from the best food in town to quirky dresses, everyone looks at social media for learning about the businesses. To leverage the benefit of social media, you need a strong command of social media marketing strategies. If you want to dominate your brand on social media platforms then hire PromotEdge, the best social media agency in Guwahati.

      The scope of social media has become an undeniable part of digital marketing, especially during the pandemic. To build a strong social media presence you will need the right social media marketing strategies and for that, you will need the right partner that helps you cater to the needs of your business.

      Merits Of Social Media Agency


      Social media is a space where no fixed algorithm can boost the sale of your business or make it viral in a day. However, with expertise and experience, we have learned what works and what fails during social media branding. Our team has worked and helped the valuable brands of India to set social media strategy and execute it day-to-day for better results. We strive to bring a high-quality social media marketing strategy that drives value to our clients.

      Result-driven Marketing

      At the end of the day, the role of any social media agency is to bring the target audience to your site and improve results. At Promotedge, our tailored social media ad campaigns are targeted to the brand’s objective and the need of the audience. We track the campaigns and optimize them for better ROI.

      Service Offered By Social Media Marketing Agency: PromotEdge


      To create engaging and target-oriented content, a well-formulated strategy is the most resourceful material. At PromotEdge, we strategize and research on gender, age, demographic, and social relevance of the brand. A glimpse of what social media marketing strategy includes:

      • Identification of the business goal.
      • Defining the marketing objective
      • Target audience research
      • Choosing the right social media channel
      • Testing, evaluating and optimization of the marketing plan.


      To engage the audience with your brand, catchy copywriting is important. Engaging captions and call-to-action copy connect the brand with the audience. Proficient copy that addresses the expectation of the target consumer is the principal requirement in social media marketing. Content drives audience, this is what Promotedge strives by, and to create better engagement, we have a team of copywriters who have prior expertise in writing copy.

      Social Media Management

      We take care of your social media pages and help in making them unified across all platforms. Our team takes care of posting on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Our social media managers track the success of the campaign and help in optimizing the account according to the reports.

      Why You Should Choose Promotedge As Your Social Media Agency In Guwahati

      Our solution includes leveraging all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IGTV, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Our high-quality content creation incorporated with strategy enhances the brand’s online presence.

      PromotEdge is one of the most renowned social media agencies in Guwahati, it enhances your social media presence. Make sure you look at every aspect thoroughly before hiring them.

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