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      What Could Have Gone Wrong With Your Most Recent Social Media Campaign?

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      The HubSpot report shows that 77% of marketers rely on social media to reach the right audience and attract them to their sales pipelines. But, it all depends on how a social media marketing agency evaluates your brand and curates a strategy and campaign for posting.

      Marketers are finding success in social media, however, social media is a platform that requires the right strategy and data knowledge to create an edge in the space. It is certainly not for people with faint hearts, as mistakes can impact the engagement rate and growth of a brand. To run a successful campaign, and be successful on social media channels, one must learn best practices and avoid common pitfalls that can cause campaigns to fail.

      So, if the recent social media campaign didn’t generate revenue and are unable to nurture potential consumer into sales, this article will help you. The article will view eight of the most common social media marketers make that impact on running successful social media campaigns.

      Tips To Help Run Successful Social Media Campaign

      One of the best ways to ensure your social media marketing is on the path of growth is by focusing on the market, then the audience, and lastly on the media. In the checklist, we will focus on each part or create a better strategy to run a social media campaign.

      1.    You Must Be Skipping Data and Reports

      As a social media manager, you must understand data thoroughly. Today, digital marketing is a data-driven business. As more and more tools are coming into the marketplace, the ability to generate real-time data is becoming highly accessible.

      If your recent social media campaign is not creating value for the brand, then you must make a decision supported by an analytic platform. Analyze the information regarding post engagement follower growth, and the time when it is best to post content online.

      Investing in social media analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Instagram analytics, and HubSpot will help in delving deeper into mistakes and guide you to optimize mistakes for better strategy making.

      2.    Not Conducting Enough Research On Target Audience

      A lot of times marketers post content without niching down the target audience. It is possible the post is not reaching the right audience which leads to a decrease in engagement and does not create sales as the people are not interested.


      In marketing, you cannot motivate someone to buy in which they are not interested. This leads to a waste of investment. So, you must create the right strategy for a target audience that involves research about the demographic, that means the city, country, state, or location you want your brand to flourish. Next, conduct psychographic segmentation, which includes, personality, values, social status, lifestyle, interests, opinions, and attitudes. This information will help in structuring the right audience for a social media campaign and reaping benefits from a successful campaign.

      3.    Focus on the Wrong Platform

      A lot of time social media campaign do not make a mark as it is not posted on the right platform. Each social channel has a specific audience group. As it is mentioned earlier, the focus on media will come after you know the market and the audience.

      The target platform must align with the campaign goals if you want your social media campaign to succeed. If your audience is above 45 then, focus on Facebook marketing, while if the audience is GenZ or millennial then focus on Instagram. If you are sharing company-related information about sales growth and projected change for next year, then choose LinkedIn which has a mature and corporate audience.

      4.    Creating Mediocre Hashtags

      Yes, Hashtags, has an impact on a social media campaign. Never use hashtags that have over 1 million followers, as you won’t be able to make a mark in top results. Too many crowded hashtags are as bad as hashtags with very few followers, which means below 100. The hashtags shouldn’t be generic that undervalues the product or brand. Create a unified hashtag for the brand that goes into all social channels.


      Social media can be incredibly effective, which is why currently most marketers are investing more in digital platforms compared to traditional marketing. For a successful social media campaign, the strategy must be created by analyzing data, understanding the target audience, learning about media and which platform is best, and then creating the best content.

      If you are struggling to do all that while managing a business, then consult PromotEdge. The leading social media marketing agency. Worked with hundreds of brands and knows what mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Book your consultation call or appointment and get better at sales by focusing on the right social media marketing strategy.

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