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      Stop! Your Social Media Content Efforts Are A Complete Waste

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      Social Media is too cluttered to make you go viral overnight, or have high engagement rates. Here is the data of content published on each platform daily:

      • TikTok – 23 million
      • YouTube – 216 million
      • Facebook – 350 million
      • X – 500 million
      • LinkedIn – 2 million
      • Instagram – 95 million

      In these 6 platforms, only, 1.1 billion content is published.

      Let that sink in!

      Neil Patel and their marketing agency have tracked this, to bring out the answer to the pressing question, “Is it worth investing in social media presence in 2024?” Well, they have analysed 5,204,391 social media posts in 30 days.

      And the result? 

      59.41% of them didn’t have any engagement! Which is more than half of the content published on the platforms. These posts have no likes, shares, saves, or even comments.

      That’s crazy, and it shows people are wasting their time and effort to build their presence. When you post content it is like a “needle in a haystack”, which means there is hardly any opportunity for you to be found out by your target audience. In social media marketing, if you are not giving a reason to the audience to stick, there is a high chance you are wasting your time.

      So, Should You Stop Posting??

      No, social media usage is at an all-time high. Today, on average a person spends 2.5 hours on social media platforms. For social media marketing, you should create great posts to market a company, product, service, or personal brand to build that presence.

      If you think you already are making great content, then it’s time to shift your strategy, if not then you will be just wasting your time.

      Let’s See Some Time Wasters Examples:

      Copy and Paste…On repeat

      You are not being authentic on any of the platforms. You saw some trend and just jumped into the bandwagon without putting originality into it. Seeing what others are posting, and repeating the same doesn’t bring that much value.

      We already have tried and tested it!

      Why? Because people are doing doom scrolling, and if some content which has been popularised by some other creator comes too much into their feed they grow out of it. Hence before you reach it, the audience has already lost interest.

      Posting without any specific goal

      To hook your audience from one post to another you need a goal for which they will stick to your page, or even follow you too! If you don’t have a specific niche and post too much random content in a day, you are not only wasting your time but also the algorithm will crush you.

      This happens when you are posting a lot of bad content and a few good content, the bad content will bring down your reach so much that it will impact the reach of good content too.

      The only space where you won’t get penalised for posting random content/poor quality content is X. So, if you are just trying it out, then try on X first, and then post the good content on another platform.

      Putting too much time into creating a high-quality picture perfect post

      Investing a lot in producing high-quality content does not guarantee success when it comes to vertical formal 15-second or 30-second video content. Most people enjoy content irrespective of the design elements. Another key insight from Neil Patel’s data….out of 5,204,391 social media posts only 24.4% of people cared about the quality of the video.

      That shows the majority of the time-wasters putting arm and leg just to create a video with top-notch production is just a waste of time and money. If the content hits the mark, your video quality doesn’t matter.

      Posting and tracking data

      Every content is not fit for every social media channel. Repurposing is resourceful, but reposting the same content on all social media pages is just a waste of time. The type of content that has performed well on one social media platform may not perform as well on another platform.

      By having tracking in place and analysing past social data, you will have a better understanding to meet your marketing goals.

      So, if not stop posting what to do?

      Here is the way to move the needle in social media if you want the presence to be built!

      Bring freshness to your posts

      We knowwww, it’s’ tough! Just to get that 15-second reel right you need to put in a lot of effort in brainstorming. But trust us, it’s all worth it at the end.

      Whether you are a social media manager in a social media marketing company or just want to build your brand, we would suggest you keep on with industry trends, investing 10-20 minutes to read what’s new happening will help you to get better at ideas.

      Having a brainstorming session with your social media marketing team and creating mood boards with the creative team helps in hitting the creative juices and bringing out something new. Other than that, understand what’s in the surroundings what most people are talking about or what piques their interest, if you create content on what people are interested in listening to, you’ll start coming up with new ideas.

      Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, it makes your content stand out

      Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, and say it with bold statements. As we said, “Stop! You are wasting your time in creating social media content” It’s not clickbait, we are saying what many aren’t.

      In truth, you are not wasting time creating social media content, rather if you have not implemented a few strategies then you might be, and this is the way someone will be interested in the content as it creates the mystery that creates the interest.

      People will listen to you, only if you are the expert. And you need to show that with your content.

      Provide value with data

      Do the talk in numbers, because people trust data and statistics. If you say a lot of people check their phones every day it won’t create as much impact as “200 million people open their phone to check Instagram every minute” content with information that is relevant for the audience. You can get data from Google Analytics, answer the public, and also from online forums.

      Jump on a bandwagon that’s relevant to the industry

      One of the major things we all see in brands today, they have to be present in every trend, but sometimes that just doesn’t go well.

      Trends are huge, and it gets you the right social media traction, but if it’s not relevant to your industry you won’t get quality traffic and leads. Focus on content that can make you viral in your industry, and hence bring revenue. Check on X about trending topics, check on answers from the public, and Google trends.

      We as a social media marketing company always understand it will well for our client before we make the call to jump on any bandwagon.

      Post what people want to consume

      Understand what’s relevant for your industry and post content which is getting more attraction.

      Post what people want to consume

      Source: https://rb.gy/pphf8z


      Posting on social media is undeniably one of the best tricks in digital marketing. But don’t waste time by creating content that no one wants to consume. And don’t waste your time by making that perfect “viral” content, because in that way you will never be able to generate revenue or sales. Use tips from the content for social media marketing and elevate the social revenue.

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