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      3 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

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      To succeed in social media, you need the right tools,  skills, the right social media marketing company and the right knowledge to figure out mistakes and learn to avoid them.

      We won’t blame you if your last post lead to low engagement, and didn’t go viral as you thought it would. Social has driven a total evaluation of what brands are and how they must be expressed to the target audience. Social media managers and social media copywriters of any social media marketing agency are the brains behind the post that resonates with the audience and generates leads, but they also make mistakes.

      When you start as a social media manager, you would make mistakes, but if you keep making mistakes it can impact the brand’s followers and engagement rate. So, to avoid mistakes and ensure the marketing strategy does not fall flat due to errors, you must know the mistakes first. We at PromotEdge, have learned through our years of experience and will share our insight so, you can be aware of the mistakes in the future.

      Mistakes You Must Avoid As Social Media Manager

      1. Making Social Media All About Sale

      Social media users follow or connect with a brand when they resonate with the content. When the feed is bombarded with content like a sale or hard-selling copy, it impacts the brand. Hard selling or low-value content you post, fewer people engage with it, and this way you are going opposite of the Social Media algorithm.

      Instead of putting out hard-selling content focus on soft selling. It will consist of content related to the product or service with the right call to action. This helps the brand in three ways:

      • Building long-term relationships.
      • Cultivating trust
      • Nurturing the audience

      Today, the content that educates the community, or builds trust work better and helps the target audience to nurture or inspire the target community along the sales pipeline until they make a purchase.

      2. Not Valuing data

      The analysis of any post gives you information regarding how to treat a social media channel, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or get information regarding which type of content is working better.

      As a social media marketing company, you cannot devalue the analytics. Today, with insight tracking tools you can get information regarding everything within a matter of a minute. Some of the tools that help you get a better insight into your social media presence are:

      • Sprout Social
      • Google Analytics
      • Hubspot
      • Tapinfluence
      • Buzzsumo

      You get information from how well a post is performing on particular pages, to what is the engagement rate of the post in real-time. It helps marketers to dig deep into the information before they start making a plan for a campaign.

      3. Treating All Social Media Channel Similarly

      Social media is a huge spectrum, it consists of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So, if you get away with content on Instagram that doesn’t necessarily mean you can make the same impact on Twitter or LinkedIn.

      The audience demographic in all social channels is different. We as a Social media marketing company understand, that it takes so less time to create just one copy and post on different social channels, but the mark you will make it one platform won’t generate similarly from other platforms. This is why you need to target the niche of that social media platform to get better results.

      Or instance, you can post lengthy product reviews or company stats on LinkedIn, as the audience is much more mature and corporate, but the same information on Instagram won’t help you to gain better results.

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      Making mistakes while being social media managers is what drives us to learn from the errors. If you are also making these small mistakes, then it’s high time to deviate from the approach of marketing.

      At PromotEdge, we strive away from mistakes, as our experienced team has learned from past mistakes, so they won’t make the same now. As a brand, if you are looking for a social media marketing company with profound knowledge of marketing, then connect with us today by booking an appointment.

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