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      Why Your Business Needs an Ad Film Agency in Kolkata

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      In 21st century, when doom scrolling is what we all do, capturing attention for an ad is becoming tougher than ever before. With people having lesser time to look at ad, it is a must to create high-quality videos and ads, that engages audiences and keeps them invested in the content. If your business requires ad film, and you don’t have an in-house team then outsourcing it to the best film agency is the right solution. 

      Today, Kolkata has become a hub for ad film agencies with numerous TV agencies growing in Kolkata. With the rising of Ad film companies in Kolkata scope of introducing a new product or expanding the reach of the existing product has now become possible. Previously Ad films were made mostly for TV commercials but nowadays ad films have many platforms to showcase themselves. From a vast area in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to video streaming apps like YouTube, Hotstar, etc. Many websites show ad films to increase their revenue. Apart from the digital platforms ad films are showcased in malls, metro stations, crossings, etc. 

      Though many businesses understand the need for advertising and ad film agency, a lot of them are hesitant. To realize why you need an ad film making agency for your business. 

      Why Ad film is Necessary?

      We know that what we listen and hear at the same time stays in our mind. So that is why we least remember ads we see in the newspaper than the ads we see as commercials. Moreover, Ad films are made colourful, involving catchy jingles, a good tune which hits the viewer’s mind quickly.

      Ad films involve celebrities which play a major factor for viewer’s attraction. Celebrities act as an opinion leader to the general public and that is the reason celebrities are widely used in government as well as general advertisement.

      Ad films almost give us an overall view of the product and enlightened us with knowledge regarding the product and also sometimes regarding the brand.

      Some companies highlight the name of the brand in ad films rather than the product itself.

      Moreover, Ad films Connect masses with the product.

      By the above facts, we got an overview of why an Ad film should be made, the next step is to determine how the film is to be made.

      How An Ad film is Made?

      We see a 20 sec Ad and ignore it but whoever does not have knowledge in Ad world doesn’t realize how difficult is to make an Ad film. The process starts with the very idea where the business thinks that their products need to be marketed.  After that the business search for an ad filmmaker or video production agency. Now the client servicing department of the Ad agency visits the business and listen to their ideas. They collect full knowledge of the product and returns to the office. Then the work of the creative department starts. Ideas are generated. Surveys are done to determine the target audience of the product. Recce of the place of shoot, Determination of celebrity integration, voice over input, editing all comes one after another.

      Common Challenges to Choose Ad Film Production Houses in Kolkata

      Finding An Agency That Aligns With Your Goals

      The initial step is for you to settle on the types of services you need, even before you have initiated your search. Based on that list you can now be sure what type of ad film-making company you want to hire.

      For instance, if you want direct marketing campaigns for your venture, then you have to go for an agency with familiarity in creating direct marketing campaigns. On the other hand, if you want an engaging brand story, you will have to opt for a branding agency in Kolkata with a grand copywriting team.

      Creative Differences

      Collaborating with advertisement film production may sometimes lead to creative differences. By understanding the client’s vision and taking the initial brief, creative agencies create scripts and storyboards. Aligning vision and ensuring the final product reflects the desired brand message can be a complex process. To avoid miscommunication, and differences, we keep an open communication, establish a clear brief, and foster a collaborative environment that helps in bridging the gap between the client and the creative team’s ideas.

      Tight Deadlines

      Ad film production often operates within strict deadlines, which can be a source of stress. Efficient project management, meticulous planning, and setting realistic timelines are essential to meet delivery targets.

      No agency wants to deliver an ad which they say “wish they had more time”. To ensure you get delivery with quality work on time, it is crucial to have communication about agencies bandwidth, and the expected timeline for delivery. Working closely with the production house and maintaining clear lines of communication can help ensure smooth workflow and timely completion.

      Long Creation Process

      Another problem that one might face from an ad film production company is the lengthy creation process. Depending on the project, it can take anywhere from weeks to months, along with numerous meetings before and after the completion of the project. Additionally, the production of the video consists of innumerable changes, and revisions which are often difficult and time-consuming.

      To avoid this, you should start the project with a clear vision and work with a team whom you trust with the process to bring it to life. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of money and won’t get expected results.

      Lack Of Organization

      When hiring a third-party video production company, a lot of client faces issues when the internal team is not well organized. This leads to delays in meeting deadlines, unfinished projects, and compromises in the quality of products.

      Oftentimes, when the projects are not planned or coordinated, it can be difficult to stay on track. This leads to missed deadlines, and work falling through the cracks. It is a must that the company you choose has an organized workflow, whereas the client you are shared with all the advancement timely. Mapping out a timeline from pre-production to production and post-production ensures each project runs smoothly and efficiently.

      Centralizing Resources is the Key Weapon of An Ad film Production House

      For making an Ad, an ad-agency requires manpower with a specialised skill set. A person with good client servicing skills is required who will listen and understand the idea from the client and brief it to the creative department. Then the creative department will prepare the advertisement based on the brief. The Creative department includes copywriter, content developer, designer, photographer, videographer, creative director. After the final ad is approved by the client then the ad goes to a web developer to convert it to HTML.  So one has to keep in mind an ad agency must have all the necessary resources under one roof.

      The Company Must Understand Your Venture

      An excellent Ad agency in Kolkata will always identify with your company and are aware of the difficulties you encounter in developing your presence in the industry.

      The correct fit agency will have no trouble in understanding you, whom you’re contending against and what is the appropriate requirement of your audience.

      Building Relationships with the Company

      Prior to asking the company to pitch, a chemistry developing meeting must take place between you and the company. This meeting will give you a chance to know if your relationship with the company will develop. To carry forward this meeting, you can discuss your objectives and answer their questions. The best ad film maker in Kolkata will utilize this meeting to earn your trust with practical promises.

      Why PromotEdge Is the Right Choice As a TV Ad Agency in Kolkata?

      You can avoid these problems by associating with a company that has transparent communication, keeps you in the loop during the planning process, and respects your timeline. PromotEdge is one of the leading audio and visual production companies, which is why we understand all videos are not created with the same intent, so we ask “WHY” and “WHAT” to create a video that aligns with your goals. Our in-house team supports right from scripting, pre-production to post-production to deliver the best results to our clients.

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