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      Corporate Video Marketing Tips To Get Your Brand Noticed

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      It is no secret people are consuming video content more than ever. Statistics show that 91% of businesses will be using video as a marketing tool in 2023. With short content-producing platforms such as Reels on Instagram, Shorts on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, today’s users are spending most of their time online watching videos.

      Savvy marketers and industry leaders have already invested in Branded IP content and have taken notes of staggering statistics, insights, and trends for corporate video marketing. Now, if you have not invested yet in video marketing or are still sceptical about it, then this blog is for you. Understand why video marketing is so effective and how you can leverage it to make your brand noticed!

      Increases Brand Affinity

      Video is a great medium for storytelling, and it gives a massive opportunity for marketers to slip their brand narrative into a story that engages the audience. With the integration of the right story wrapped with a message about your product, you can put your brand into the minds of users. As it is well known, stories are meant to be listened to, while ads are made to be blocked!

      It manages to create an emotional connection between the brand and the company, hence making sure people share the values of the brand, tend to buy their products, and also recommend it to potential customers.

      Relays Information In Digestible Format

      Let’s be real, the video attention today is lower than a Goldfish! And putting information in consumers’ minds with this attention span is becoming more difficult than ever before. If you want to convey information to a target user, video is an effective way. According to statistics dissected by Wyzowl, 61% audience has higher engagement with video content.

      Seeking out a professional video marketing company will allow you to sway the content along with the product message which has a high likelihood of landing to the right audience.

      Well, hiring a corporate video production company is beneficial for your business, but where to incorporate and where should you invest your marketing budget for video marketing?

      Invest In YouTube Marketing

      Most corporate videos gain popularity on YouTube. As these videos consist of dynamic scenes, beautiful imagery, interview-like content, features of the brand, storytelling of product and company, and end with a clear call to action— a consumer will be highly interested in watching the video on YouTube. Because the primary goal of corporate video is to attract consumers and inform the audience about the most relevant details about the product and brand, that’s why businesses must take an interest in investing in YouTube marketing.

      Social Content Videos

      Today, most consumers consume videos within 30 seconds on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Moj, Josh, and many more video-first apps. The videos are playful, engaging, and designed to be shared. This includes shots of lifestyle, scenes related to the products or services, bites, quotes, and short interviews.

      So, instead of limiting the content to a single platform, you can repurpose it differently and post it as social media content. Bites of the interview, product launch, high-tech manufacturing unit, or even company profile with top leadership. Due to their short, fun, and engaging nature, these videos help engage potential customers.

      Explainer Video

      While investing in corporate videos, companies must curate User-Generated Content (UGC), that is interactive, engaging, and easy-to-digest. Explainer videos teach consumers more about your company, the products, services, and the brand’s mission and vision. This is an excellent way to introduce your brand to the target audience. The stakeholders can learn what your company does and why it matters.

      As part of corporate branding, these videos consist of a strong call to action and mostly answer complex questions in a simple format. Questions like What problem consumers are facing? And answers such as how our product/service will fix it. And why should the audience choose you?

      Other than that, you can also add the question about frequently asked questions, and give a detailed explanation on how to utilise the application or service from our company.

      Invest Budget In Product Shoot

      One of the key marketing strategies in corporate brand promotion is investing in professional product video shoots. A product video informs the audience about the products and services, along with their top features. This boosts confidence among consumers about the product or service they are investing in.

      This investment is to attract customers who are new to the product, and interested in learning about the look, and feel of the product, along with the USP. So, the video not only highlights the visual appearance of the product but also its utility. You will also want to highlight how the product is better than the rest— since your target audience is still doing product research, this content will set you apart from competitors.

      Once you have a clear vision and idea of what kind of content you must create for corporate video marketing, it is the understanding of distribution that can reap results for the brand.

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      Distribution Strategy For Corporate Videos

      Ideally, you should get the best of all three worlds; paid, earned, and owned media. Let’s understand what are these three.


      This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of distributing the video. You can include any content owned by your business, this includes website content, emails, e-commerce pages, apps, and also as organic social media content.


      Paid distribution, or money paid for the distribution of the video content. As most social media sites do not ask for payment to share content, paid distribution is their way of earning money. And that’s OK! As long as you have the right digital marketing agency as your distribution partner. Including video content in search ads, paid ads, sponsored content, and influencer outreach content, helps businesses to foster relationships and penetrate their target audience base.


      Earned video distribution is one of the trickiest distributions due to its uncontrolled nature. This means you have to leave the distribution in the hands of a third party. This includes product or service reviews, traditional PR, and influencer marketing. In this, you send industry leaders the video and ask them to curate content around it to be featured on their page.


      The growth of video marketing is creating opportunities for brands like yours! With consumers preferring video content, they are expecting that from the brands. Be it branded IP content, or corporate video, a professional video production company will make the process a cakewalk. That means you can take full advantage of video marketing to be fully competitive.

      One of the leading corporate video production companies in India is PromotEdge. With a team of young minds passionate about breaking barriers of marketing, and bringing the best for businesses like yours, we are the last video production company you will ever need. Still, sceptical? Contact us today!

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