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      Video Content Strategy: Mastering Modern Marketing

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      The digital landscape has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Searching is more likely to revolve around the mobile search than opening the desktop or laptop for performing the search. Digital technology, today, is supposed to have no boundaries in terms how, where and when the searches are being made for the content. With time, the content marketing landscape has also changed. People only prefer to read that content which satisfies their needs. So, content is important if it holds some interesting matters and facts. No audiences have that much of patience to read over some boring page’s content. With much of researches made, marketers are successful in attracting their audiences by making their content interactive and also including some videos in it.

      The popularity of video marketing is growing day by day. Videos are more capable of attracting the targeting audiences for the business. Facts say that 55% online videos are being watched every day and that does grow to 78% every week. More likely, by watching video nearly 64% customers buy online products. So, in order to target the audiences, you need to include video marketing in your marketing strategy.

      Feeling the need of including the video marketing in strategy, 61% of businesses had already implemented video marketing in their content marketing strategy and 59% of the professionals make their decisions by watching the videos rather reading blog post or articles. Reports say it is expected that by 2019, the video will have the 80% of all web traffic. If planning to play great innings with your content marketing strategy, then never forget to include video marketing.

      If still lacking with reasons on including video in your content marketing then here I am giving you up some;

      Video content helps in recalling the brand:

      Visual with audio affects more on the human mind than reading the content. Data from HubSpot says that 80% of the customers remember the video they watched the last month. On remembering the videos the customers is actually remembering the brand and thus may have a sales relationship with the brand in the future. Secondly, sharing of the videos, expand the online reach of the brand. For this reason, the logo, colour and font are suggested to be maintained in the further post so that audiences can relate to the brand.

      Video marketing boosting site’s SEO:

      The video does increase the conversion rate of the brand. According to HubSpot, 39% of decision makers contact the vendors only after viewing the brand’s video.  So, it wouldn’t be untrue to say that video does improve the SEO of the brand by driving leads to the website.

      Video can be accessed through all devices:

      In this busy world, people rely more on the mobile devices than accessing the computer. That’s the reason for the increase in demand of the responsive website. Videos are easy to be accessed from both mobile and computers thus increasing the range.

      Video convey a message:

      Video marketing can be the ideal source for conveying your message to the targeted customers. Through perfect design and message, video can be the tool for strengthening the brand identity.

      Video sharing:

      If your video is interesting and useful, then there is a large chance that the video will be shared with other people. Reports say that video is shared more than 1,200% than that of links and content together and 60% of the viewer sees a video post prior to reading the text.

      Do, you still need more reasons for including video in your content marketing strategy? If not, but still wonder how to include video marketing in your strategy, then hire a video marketing agency in Kolkata who can help you with the same.

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