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      What Makes Corporate Video Production Crucial For Your Business?

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      In this digital era, video dominates the digital world. Once what used to be known as a luxury tool in a company’s marketing strategy has now become a crucial part of the marketing plan. As it is an effective way to grab people’s attention and show the company’s profile along with products and services, the need for corporate video has upsurged in the past couple of years.

      The average video engagement rate in today’s time is 50%, which makes it a key strategy for any business, as businesses get enough time to share their story in a compelling manner. The task of completing a corporate video does not seem easy, it requires scripting, planning, strategizing, shooting, and yes editing, a lot of editing, till you get the final cut! Which is it is always better to trust the professional, who knows the craft and invested in the process from the beginning. A corporate video production company in India delivers what you want to convey to your consumer through interactive storytelling.

      As you are here to know what makes video production crucial for your business, here are a few pointers, that our company has analyzed by working with various brands over the years.

      Professional Image

      Corporate videos help in creating a professional image for the brand as it showcases its strength, products, and the challenges it has overcome to become the best in the past in a visually appealing way. It is one of the needful marketing strategies for B2B marketing and B2C marketing. The videos help in building trust and credibility for the brand.

      It Helps In Creating A Brand Identity

      No matter whether you are in this industry for just a year or decades, brand identity is an important part of marketing strategy. Brand identity is a way company presents itself to its consumers through brand messaging. When someone views your video they come to learn about your product’s product or service offering, its culture and the type of customer service you provide.

      In the video, you can use the logo in the opening and closing credits, use the catchphrase or slogan in the middle of the video, and even brand color palette throughout the video which will help you establish your brand in the video. Once it is established in the video, you can push it through all marketing channels. This includes your website, social media accounts, email marketing, and the way you interact with your clients.

      Improves Ranking And Visibility On Search Engine

      Search engines prioritize videos over text. It is a great tool for attracting people to your website and engaging them on the website, which improves the credibility of the website, and hence improves the rankings on search engines. Once it is published on all marketing channels, it drives organic traffic from social media, websites, and YouTube. Integration of relevant brand keywords and generic keywords can help it to appear on the top result. To gain higher visibility, you can also optimize the video with meta descriptions and meta tags.

      Engages Mobile Audience

      Today, most people came to know about any business through mobile searches. As in mobile the space is relatively lesser than on desktop, they are more inclined towards video over text. The number of videos watched every year on mobile is increasing rapidly each year.

      Creates Emotional Connection

      The corporate video produced by the video production company consists of a script that has the director’s vision, the company’s testimonial, a walk-through of products and services, and their vision for the coming years. Engaging music, and interactive story, helps the brand to create an emotional connection with the brand. As this has strong emotional interaction, it cannot be replicated by your competitor, and give you an edge over others.

      Grows The Reach Of The Business

      A professionally produced video will “highlight” your business in an interesting way to the masses. Uploading the corporate video online will help you get visitors around the world, and a medium to entice new clients and consumers. It helps in brand awareness, which can lead to increasing the revenue of the business.

      Increasing ROI through Engagement

      Video marketing is known for its high engagement among consumers. According to a report from 2023, around 90% of consumers want to see video content from brands online. There are 244.4 billion views on a video in the U.S.A.

      How To Choose the Right Video Production Company?

      As we discussed the need for a corporate video for your brand, it is important to choose the right video production company, that transcends your ideologies, and brand’s vision in a video. Here are some points you must keep in mind while choosing a video production company.

      Look at their portfolio

      Check out the video production company’s portfolio to see if their style and quality align with your brand and messaging. The best video production company will have a bucket of clients with whom they have worked with. You can check the case study and client testimonial for reference.

      Consider their expertise

      Make sure the video production company has experience in producing the type of video you need, whether it’s a corporate video, product demo, or social media content. The corporate video production company must have industry experience that will show its expertise in the craft.

      Evaluate their communication

      The company you choose for corporate video production services must have clear communication channels with clients. So make sure they are responsive, open to feedback, and able to meet your project’s deadlines and budget.

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      A corporate video production company understands the benefits a business can make with the help of well-edited and produced video. This is why, when you are choosing digital marketing services, make sure you are choosing an integrated marketing agency that has professionals to provide you with a 360-degree approach.

      PromotEdge is a leading video production company that has expertise and experience in producing corporate videos for B2B and B2C companies. We are “digitally desi” ad our team makes sure your professional video has a touch of emotion and a story that makes your consumer hooked on the brand and the business. To know more about our process of video production, book an appointment with us, and learn your business can profit with just a video!

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