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      Why Your Brand Need a Video Production Company

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      The need for a video production company is essential today as the ever-evolving content marketing strategy includes audio-visuals for engagement.

      If you remember using Facebook way back when social media was becoming the talk of the town, written posts were of primary importance.

      Gradually, images started engaging people, and we familiarized ourselves with memes. Currently, video promotions steal the limelight, especially if they are short and relevant.

      How does video content marketing work?

      Appointing a video production company to create engaging content is a new way to promote your brand.

      YouTube continues to have massive significance for video content promotion. However, social media marketing through Facebook and Instagram maximizes reachability.

      Video content marketing is also common in the forms of courses, webinars, live videos, and more.

      Why do people engage to video content?

      One of the primary reasons why you need video marketing services Kolkata is the deep-rooted impact it can create. Here are some reasons that make video content marketing a more lucrative investment compared to other forms:

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      1. Easy to grab attention

      From creating trending reels on Instagram to Shorts on YouTube, video production companies leverage their skill to build interest. Current trends prove that people are more attracted to moving content, which keeps them hooked to a post.

      For example, previously, Facebook required you to click on the play button to start playing a video. As video engagement increased, the posts automatically started playing as one scrolled through the app.

      A playing video is easier to interest the audience than the one that requires an effort to open. According to studies, people are 27 times more likely to play a video on social media than stop reading a banner or a static ad.

      2. Engages your audience

      The demand for video marketing companies Kolkata is rising as people who require content find videos engaging too! If you are frequent to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you will not be unfamiliar with reels and video posts. Moreover, you are likely to watch them more than reading Tweets or status posts.

      Videos are currently the most engaging mediums that make people connect. People often strike deep conversations and share emotional responses – such engagement can build your target audience.

      While likes and comments are necessary, video content must be worth sharing as well. It is the only way to build a bigger audience and create brand recognition.

      Analytics suggests that video posts are 1200% more shared than images and text content combined! People love sharing videos that are short, informative, and interesting.

      Our brains are processed to capture visuals faster than text, irrespective of how much some of us love to read. Almost 90% of information that our brains can grab depend on visuals. Moreover, we can grasp visual content 60,000 times quicker than written content. So, a video production company knows how to materialize this power and create outstanding video content for you.

      3. Higher chances of traffic

      A video production company uses video content as a strategic SEO tool. Websites with video content have 41% more organic traffic as videos can drive 157% of total traffic organically.

      One vital strategy of using videos is adding them to the landing pages. Video content can increase conversion rate by 80% by embedding videos to landing pages.

      Video content gets a better rank than other forms of content. This is because when viewers share videos or share links that drive people back to your webpage, it generates inbound links. Such links are great for SEO. The greater number of inbound links you have, the more authority your site receives from Google.

      Since people are likely to share more video content, your possibility of generating inbound links multiplies. Thus, videos help you rank on top of Google pages more than text content.

      4. Creates brand recognition

      Do you know thousands of people have trouble remembering written content? We often read written content only to realize that we forget what we read a few paragraphs before while reading ahead. This condition is called regression, and it is hardly seen when people view audio-visuals.

      A person reading written content will be 10% attentive to the entire text compared to 95% towards audio-visual content. People have a strong memory of video content they liked and remember when rewatching.

      If you engage your audience with great video content, they will likely recognize your ad through other modes of promotion. Creating brand recognition and memory is twice as effective with video content compared to written or static ads.

      5. Quicker call-to-action

      The quality of a digital ad produced by a video production company relies upon conversions and engagement. Audio-visuals leave a significant impact on pushing customers one step ahead towards making a purchase.

      If a good video manages to entice customers towards your product, their purchase intent can be as high as 97%. Moreover, around 64% of people are likely to purchase your product online after viewing a great video ad. If a good video manages to entice customers towards your product, their purchase intent can be as high as 97%. Moreover, around 64% of people are likely to purchase your product online after viewing a great video ad.

      Final thoughts

      While video content marketing is lucrative, it is also getting competitive. One cannot just create a video and expect to get great results. The video needs to interest a buyer by acting on their pain points. A compelling video gains more relevance when a potential buyer takes an interest in what you provide.

      To make your marketing communication clear, you need quality video content created by Promotedge. Connect with us today to help us create a promotional or corporate video for effective brand image building.

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