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      Video Marketing

      Video marketing Company in Kolkata

      Video Marketing is becoming the most effective way for brands to reach their audiences, engage people and drive sales. Videos become viral more often and brands must use this channel to the maximum to engage with consumers.

      There’s been a surge in the popularity of video as a digital marketing format. YouTube’s growing prominence in popular culture has made it an essential instrument in digital marketing strategy for any company. According to statistics, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube while 5 billion of these videos are watched every single day.

      This enormous amount of content is consumed by 1.3 billion people in 75+ countries across the globe who are using YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It has been found that more than 75% of consumers trust the content that is delivered to them visually.
      With these videos going viral when liked and shared across various web mediums, there is no denying the fact that video is growing to dominate audience’s online activity and one must acknowledge YouTube’s crucial role in creating the brand identity.

      PromotEdge is a creative digital marketing company in Kolkata providing video making services. We are among the best video marketing company in Kolkata. We create engaging video promotions and video advertisements. Our creative specialists, designers, videographers and animators create emotive and compelling narratives that are designed to deliver the brand message and to engage with the audience.

      Types of Marketing Videos We Create:

      Video Marketing is the most effective tool to use for promotional activities. different types of promotional videos we create –

      (1) Demo Videos  (2) Brand videos  (3) Educational or How-To Videos  (4) Explainer Videos  (5) Animated Videos (6) Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos  (7) 360-degree & Virtual Reality Videos  (8) Augmented Reality Videos.

      Whether you’re considering a promotional video or a corporate video feel free to reach us and our dedicated team who is always there at your service 24×7.

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