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      Annual Report Design Agency

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      Annual report designing agency

      The annual report/BRSR report offers a comprehensive view of a year’s worth of the company’s business. To turn your reports from “yawn-inspiring” to “awe-inspiring”, we at PromotEdge collaborate with designers, content managers, and developers to create responsive annual reports that grab the attention of shareholders and prospective investors. Our reports are designed to meet the evolving reporting requirements of your company. We offer BSBR reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, integrated reports, and CSR reports.

      Why Business Should Choose Us?

      We have 8+ years of experience and expertise in helping brands to represent their yearly investments, and profits profoundly to their shareholders and stakeholders. Our team of developers and designers make the reports responsive, intuitive and interactive for their audience.

      • Creating annual report design strategy based on target audience and company’s values.
      • With over 100+ reports in our belt, we know how to do annual report planning to get the job done on time.
      • Our team of designers and developers ensures it speaks to your investors, shareholders, or donors in impactful ways.

      Our Annual Report Designing Services Includes:

      ✔ ESG Report design ✔ BRSR Report design ✔ Line charts ✔ Bar chart design ✔ Hierarchy chart design ✔ Frontpage design ✔ Table Design ✔ Report cover design ✔ Whitepapers ✔ Indicator point graph design

      Key Elements For Effective Annual Report Designing

      ESG Designers Adding Value

      The ESG experts in India speak for the organization’s mission, by creating interactive reports. ESG (Environmental, Sustainable, and Governance) success stories are conveyed through animated stats, illustrations, and original photography, with interactive texts.

      Our ESG report consultant team includes the chairman’s letter, table of contents, business profile, Management discussion and analysis along with a financial statement in the annual report, to reflect the work which has happened in a year.

      Strategy of Storytelling

      Design is about presenting an aesthetic appeal & emotional experience. Successful print designs capture the audience and compel them to engage, think and get absorbed in the visual presentation. A substantial amount of graphic illustrations & design planning is undertaken to present a story most interestingly. Being the top advertising agency and graphic design company, our ESG report designer understands the objectives and importance of an annual report design. We create a design that is in line with the brand or company.

      Simplified Layout

      Cluttered-free designs are the most appealing and attractive. It creates a real connection between a brand’s image and the target consumer. Irrespective of the platform, a simple graphic design is the most essential one. Elegant layouts reflect the brand’s market position.

      To make it engaging, readable, and informative, our BRSR report designers put headings, subheadings, images in between content, and bold colours that represent the brand. Our team of award-winning annual report designers creates digestible bites instead of a big wall of text, that shares the story of the brand.

      Highlighting Core Message

      Annual report designing is focused on highlighting the core message & objective of the annual report. It’s important to highlight the message while keeping the design in sync with the amount of content.

      To make your annual reports compelling, our agenda is to avoid overwhelming the readers with graphs, rather we include infographics, and clear designs, to represent the ESG data, created by sustainability consultants in the team.

      The Major Impact Of Annual Reporting On Stakeholders

      Provides Credibility

      Visual appealing and well-designed annual report, instills trust and confidence in stakeholders, showcasing your dedication to accurate and transparent reporting.

      Gaining Competitive Advantage

      Today, communicating your sustainability transparently matters more than ever. A sustainability and ESG report meets the demand for authentic, transparent, and standardized ways of providing relevant insight to stakeholders.

      Increased Engagement

      Engaging design elements captivate readers, encouraging them to explore the report thoroughly and absorb important information about your company’s performance.

      Identifying an organisation’s strengths and weakness

      Sustainability reporting is not just limited to providing a performance review in a fiscal year, it will showcase a company’s weaknesses and strengths and pointers where it needs improvements. We create infographics, microsites, and interactive graphs that depict a company’s strengths and weaknesses.

      Our Process Of Designing A Sustainability Report

      Our expert team follows a comprehensive process to design your sustainability report:

      Requirements Gathering

      We conduct in-depth discussions to understand your company’s values, objectives, and key messages to be conveyed through the report.

      Creating Microsite

      We create a design template for annual reporting which is approved by our clients. After we receive a PDF of the content, we start the process of creating a digital annual report in the form of a microsite.

      Design Concept Creation

      Our designers create initial design concepts that align with your company’s branding and visual identity, presenting you with options to choose from. Our web design and development team creates the design with interactive UI and UX. It is easy to switch from one tab to another, click graphs for better visuals, and read more sections for the company’s insights.

      Iterative Design Refinement

      We work closely with you, incorporating your feedback to refine the chosen design concept, ensuring it accurately represents your company and resonates with stakeholders.

      Finalization and Delivery

      Once the design is finalized, we meticulously review the entire report for accuracy and completeness before delivering the final product to you in the desired format.



      What are the key components of an annual report?

      The key components of annual report designing are the chairman’s portfolio, a profile of your business, an analysis of your business strategies, and your financial statements. An integrated report consists of all these components in a well-defined format.

      Why is an annual report important for my business?

      The annual report is important to build credibility and market your business to the right target consumer after showing the strengths and financial statements of your business. An ESG report consultant will guide you to put promotional and value-added content in the report, hence resulting in creating credibility of your business among stakeholders, and shareholders.

      What are the emerging trends in sustainability report design?

      There are a few trends in sustainability report design services that we as an integrated digital marketing company always keep in mind:

      • Easy accessibility
      • Interactive and crisp content
      • Digital videos and documentaries

      What are the key components of a well-designed sustainability report?

      The key components of a sustainability report design are transparency, authenticity, stakeholder, engagement, intuitive structure, and design. A BRSR report designer will create a report which has all these elements before it reaches to consumer.

      What are the benefits of using a professional sustainability report designer?

      Sustainability reporting has become a common norm among brands. Using professional sustainability reports all the values of the company eventually leads to sustainable development. The benefits include building trust with ethics-driven consumers, appealing to ESG investors, differentiating the business from competitors, and showcasing meaningful progression in environmental development.




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