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Content Strategy Planing

Content writing

7 Ways to Plan a Content Strategy

Is your content capable of attracting the maximum traffic for your site? If not then it’s high time that you…

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Mistakes To Avoid In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

How to Avoid the 4 Common Mistakes of Digital Marketing?

Can one be counted who has not made a single mistake in business? It would be hard to count who…

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Digital Marketing, Paid media

Remarketing & Retargeting – Do you know the difference?

What are the percentages that the person visiting your web page will turn into a customer? The probability that this…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Opportunities for Small Business – Kolkata

There are many small business in Kolkata who are doing digital marketing, some are planning to do and there are…

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Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Some unusual myths about Social Media

As social media gains popularity everyday, businesses have come to realize that without it, there is difficulty in surviving in…

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Brands in social media blog

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

What leads to success for a brand in social media- monitoring or listening?

Social networking & communication has become imperative in the growth process of every organization in the 21st century. When it…

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Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing

Facts About The Listing Of Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Kolkata, India

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest top 10 growing sectors in the world along with India where people are…

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B2B Marketing

Advertising, B2B, Digital Marketing, Paid media

What B2B marketing can teach you about PPC in higher education

Pauline Jakober is a Writer For Search Engine Land, covering various topics on digital marketing. She is also the CEO…

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Local SEO Guide

Digital Marketing, SEO

Expert speak on whether SEOs can make local search great again in 2017

Andrew Shotland is the proprietor of Local SEO Guide, a leading local search engine optimization blog and consultancy. We found…

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