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      How An Annual Report Designer Can Drive Business Success

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      Annual reports offer a comprehensive detail of the year’s worth of company business. Although the primary agenda of an annual report is to share the brand’s identity with investors, stakeholders, and shareholders, it is also an opportunity to share the story of the brand. Through bold, colourful statistics and images it is a chance to share the company’s future goals, previous successes, and financial statements.

      The days when annual reports were merely considered annual obligations to fulfil an organization’s compliance obligations are gone. But today, organizations consider them strategic marketing tools – an opportunity to showcase their business’s most powerful assets. The rise in developers and annual report designers in recent years has helped to transform the visual identity of the reports to create a connection between the brand and customers.

      Rise of Digital Reports

      Digital reports easily overshadow traditional reports because they can be consumed on any device, are engaging, and interactive. These reports can be easily transformed into digital assets, which come with added benefits offered by digitalization.

      Today, organizations are preferring digital reports as this gives your asset accountability. Moreover, this gives you the power to track the metrics of the report and learn about who is reading it, the type of content they are consuming, and what devices they are using. The data is invaluable as it helps to improve the quality and performance of reporting next year.

      Digging your feet in digital reporting is tough on your own, which is why, at PromotEdge our team of web designers, web developers, and digital marketers help you to create annual reports.

      How To Transform Your Annual Report Into Digital Asset

      Inclusion of Relevant Content

      Content is one of the vital parts of any annual report. Letters from Chairman, CEO, organisation’s financial statements, videos, embedded audio content, animations, and interaction is a better way of presenting content than slabs of text. This way content is easy to digest and your reader can understand what you want to convey.

      Boost Interactivity

      To boost interactivity, digital reports contains a table of content or side menu, that helps in navigating from one page to another seamlessly. When creating a microsite or landing page, the designer creates multiple sections that guide users through the side menu bar or the table of contents. Including a menu bar, makes the report more user-friendly.

      Makes It Mobile Responsive

      To make the report accessible and easily available on any device, mobile responsive reports are created. As mobile usage trends increase, it is important to ensure that annual reports are easily and optimally displayed on mobile devices.

      Role Of Designer In Enhancing Annual Report Design

      Builds a Structured Report

      An annual report designer understands the needs of a brand to create a structured report. They start the process by asking the right questions to the client to learn about their perspective, and what do they expect from the design. Based on the content provided by the client, and the brief, the annual report designer creates a structure, to give it clarity and adapting to the right direction.


      Reports are engaging to readers if it is interactive. Instead of leaning on rigid tables and run-of-the-mill pie charts, interactive reports consist of data visualisation. An annual report maker adds interactive elements such as clickable infographics, animated illustrations, interactive timelines, and charts. The designers have designed the relevant visuals to complement the text and images. The designs help in presenting complex information through bite-sized visuals. The annual report designers add the “wow” factors which are only possible through integration and the right placement of visual elements.

      Font Selection For Visual Storytelling

      An annual report designer selects the typography and the font for the content. The typography chosen is a balance between functionality and design. The size of the font used, the spacing between the fonts, and the type of font, make the annual report look professional. As reports are available in digital and print format, both don’t require similar font.

      Create Wireframes and Mockups

      A web designer creates mockup wireframes and designs to show how the end result will look. This includes leveraging customer flows, process flows, site layouts, and page schematics that help to convey design concepts. The designer will design the layout of the report, taking into account the types of data that will be presented, the desired user experience, and the limitations of the platform on which the data will be presented. While creating mockups, the designer creates sample pages along with fonts and colours to help clients visualize the end product.

      Brings Attention To What’s Important

      An annual report serves as a reflection of the company’s brand identity and professionalism. A skilled designer brings attention to elements that are important. With a structure and report, designers call your attention to key points. Using heading tags, bold colours, pop-ups, and clickable elements makes sure you never miss an important section of the content.

      Testing The Report

      Once the report is designed, the annual report designer tests it to ensure that it is easy to understand and use. This may involve conducting usability testing, checking content errors, navigation, responsiveness, design and layout, page loading speed, and ensuring that the report is easy to understand and use.

      Creating Custom Illustrations and Infographics

      Every organization has a unique story to tell, which is why the annual report should be unique and designed to suit the specific needs of the business and its target audience. To explain complex data to investors, shareholders, and potential clients, the designer adapts design elements and languages that effectively engage and communicate with intended people. The designer develops custom illustrations and infographics that build credibility and authenticity to the report.


      A well-designed and cohesive annual report instils confidence in stakeholders and strengthens the company’s reputation, ultimately contributing to business success. PromotEdge, a leading annual report designing company, provides expert designers. They assist in creating comprehensive reports that encompass the company’s financial data, future organizational goals, sustainability reports, and BSBR reports. Connect with us for annual report design services.

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