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      Important Things That Business Owners Expect From The Ad Agency

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      According to Duhaime’s Law definition – “A fiduciary relationship between one person (a principal) and another (an agent) that the agent shall act on the principal’s behalf”. In simple way we can say an agency is a business, firm, or organization that provides a specific service. An advertising agency is an entity that provides a client with detailed strategic actions plans to help him enter and succeed in a particular market. In the private sector today, we have advertising agencies, employment agencies, and travel agencies. We will discuss about the best advertising agencies in Kolkata here.

      Things Business Owners Expect from the Leading Advertising Agencies in Kolkata

      Know the Advertising Agencies in Kolkata

       To have an overview idea about the leading advertising agencies in Kolkata we need to know the types of agencies first. The different types of Agencies in Kolkata are of six types.

      Full Service Agencies :

       Full Service Agencies (FSA) handles planning, creation, production and placement of advertisements for clients. The functional support of full-service advertising agency in Kolkata provides are – account management, creative, media, research and account planning. 360 SERVICE AGENCIES WORKS LIKE WONDER as it does overall activity regarding advertising and even marketing (sometimes).

      Digital Agencies :

      Uncomfortable is what happens when the tradition that shapes our past for so many days gets disrupted by a new wave of online blooming platforms. Nobody is phasing out the old methods(print media) but few tricks and ways of digital agencies really rise the business and brands image a bit higher and it reaches to more people. It’s meaty, cheesy and snarky ways that brings the digital agencies in Kolkata more in focus.

      Interactive Agencies:

      These types of advertising agencies are for the business which targets their audience online completely. Interactive agencies use technology to reach and engage the target audience. Nowadays almost everyone has an internet access, advertising campaigns using your computer or smart phone can create a great user experience, which may bring much better results than traditional advertising as it can target more people.

      Creative Boutique:

      These are generally small agencies with really creative people for ads. These advertisements by the boutiques are very innovative and creative. The only job the creative boutiques do are completely concentrating on making ads. Not much people are involved here.

      Media Buying Agencies :

      Advertising agencies deliver brand knowledge and most creative materials like in T.V when media agencies in Kolkata provides consumer insight, planning and buying skills. The term “Media agency” is actually a misnomer.

      In-House Agencies:

      An in-house agency is owned and operated by them. Instead of a company outsourcing its advertising and works like that to an agency, its marketing and communications requirements are mainly handled by its own in-house agency. Some material may still be directed to outside agencies, usually that depends on the project.

      Strategic Goals Business top Advertising Agency in Kolkata Concentrates on:

      1. Positioning Determining the place and how to take the stances at marketplace.

      2. Sales Funnel– A place where we plan to maximize the lead capture, lead nurturing and lead conversion efforts.

      3. Goods Exchange– For your future benefits this stage is there to obtain the most value possible from the exchanged goods between customers and you.

      While opting for an agency make sure your criteria are falling under these prospects.

      How will You Measure Success before Choosing the Agency?

      1. Develop SMART goals for your relationship.  SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based.

      2. Select an agency that invests on professional growth of team. This will make your work more creative and finish work faster.

      Measuring their professionalism is not wrong.

      3. Ask for clients’ reference they have worked before from the agency.

      4. Calculate the value of the relationship in dollars. One brand or the business owner can either get one person who can deal with everything alone or you can choose on e agency so that they handle all the marketing platforms ONLINE. Let’s be honest nobody is expert at everything so make your call thinking about that. Make sure they assign one person to conduct about the updates of every work the leading advertising agency will do.

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      Offerings and Capabilities of Best Advertising Agency in Kolkata

      1. Creating Ideas for all the clients properly keeping the theme and brand idea in mind.

      2. Designing the campaign for a solid lead flow and to attract audiences.

      3. Booking the space and time on Curious Media for proper and accurate visibility.

      4. Planning and sorting the campaigns made also to maintain a proper work flow. One big advantage from agencies business owners receives that they can assign work anytime they want even if it is not their working time.

      5. Conducting survey, analysis post campaign run as this gives an overview of target audiences.

      Meet & Greet

      This “meeting” is an audition. It’s important, you understand whoever is sitting in the other end, a friend-of-a-friend, a professional referral, or even a personal submission you need to brief your expectations properly. This is an important meeting for your brand and business, you need to understand. You may think it’s a simple ”meet and greet,” or pleasant fact-finding mission on your end, but the agent in front of you is reading whether or not you’re worthy (and savvy) enough,

      After the job is done, the next follow up meetings are important but the agents will try to finish all by communicating over phone. If you are comfortable with that, settle for that.

      There are some specialized agencies which work for some special advertisement. These types of agencies need people of special knowledge in that field. Eg: Ad showing social message, finance advertisement, medicine related advertisement, etc.

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