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      An Essential Guide to Partnering with Creative Ad Agencies in India

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      You’ll probably need some assistance in designing and executing your marketing strategy, even if you have a stellar in-house marketing team to tell your story.

      When it comes to rebranding or revamping your marketing strategy, a meaningful partnership with an effective creative ad agency can make a world of difference.

      It is common for agency-client relationships to be derailed due to miscommunication and misaligned expectations.

      Thus, our blog will cover everything you need to know about partnering with a creative agency in India: who they are, why you should hire one, signs that indicate the time has come to team up with them, and things to watch out for when partnering with a creative agency.

      There is no better time than now to get started!

      Exactly what is a creative ad agency?

      It refers to an agency that offers marketing and advertising services. Their services encompass a wide range of creative strategy, campaign, and promotion work.

      Even though some creative ad agencies in India specialize in specific areas more than others, they typically offer the following services:

      Strategy Services in 

      • Content
      • Marketing
      • Brand
      • Social Media
      • Advertising

      Statistical Analysis and Measuring

      Creative Content

      • Copywriting
      • Copyediting
      • Case Studies
      • Blogs and Articles
      • Ebooks
      • Graphic Design
      • Infographics
      • Interactives
      • Animated Video
      • Motion Graphics
      • Presentations
      • Photography
      • Web Design and Development

      Services in Communication like

      • Sponsored Content
      • Influencer Marketing
      • Media Buys
      • PR
      • Paid Placement

      Why Should You Hire a Creative Ad Agency?

      Whether you need them to supplement your internal marketing team or to take over completely, you can leverage a creative ad agency’s expertise in many ways.

      Intimate know-how

      You may know your brand inside and out, but are you conversant with your industry as well? What are the market trends? Where do your competitors stand? A creative agency serves clients from various industries. Consequently, you benefit from other brands’ big successes and worst faults without having to put your brand at risk.

      Efficacious content

      Quality, consistency, and dynamism are crucial to a successful content marketing campaign. The best creative ad agencies in India are equipped to produce quality content on a large scale. In addition, they are keen to perform well because when you succeed, they succeed.

      An unbiased viewpoint

      When you are engrossed in your brand day in and day out, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Your strategy can benefit significantly from a creative agency’s perspective, as well as their fresh ideas.

      What are the signs you need to partner with a creative agency in India?

      Every brand doesn’t need to hire a creative ad agency, especially if they have an excellent in-house marketing team. Nevertheless, it may be worth hiring a creative ad agency if you don’t have (or have little of) the following:


      Your marketing projects may be delayed or put on hold indefinitely if your team is swamped with other projects. You can leverage the services of a creative agency to create consistent, high-quality content at scale.


      A creative ad agency in India can help you tweak, improve, and revise your business strategy if your current tactics aren’t getting you the desired results.


      Some brands face difficulty executing their strategies because they lack the infrastructure, access, or availability. Creative advertising agencies can assist you in providing the resources to support your strategy.

      Checklist of things to look out for before hiring a creative ad agency in India

      A breakdown of the checklist has been provided to ease your comprehension.

      The pre-pitch process

       Be aware of your goals

      Working out your objectives will give both parties a sense of direction. Don’t miss the point. You needn’t know how you want to bring your creative idea to life (that’s often the reason you’re hunting for a creative ad agency in the first place), but clarifying your objectives will make it easier for the agency to craft an innovative proposal.

       Examine proven results

      A reputable creative ad agency in India should be able to provide you with a solid portfolio of case studies and past clientele. By doing this, you will be able to gauge their style, skill, creative approach and their niche expertise in the industry that your business operates in.

       Analyse what their content looks like

      Take a look at their blogs, articles, books, contributorships, and social media presence to learn more about the team, their values, and their personality. Active participation in their field and their willingness to share their expertise is always a good indication that they are aware and confident about what they are doing.

      Developing relationships

      Holding a “chemistry meeting” is always a good idea. Ideally, you should interview at least three agencies and prepare your questions in advance.

      It isn’t about running a prim and proper interview, but a framework to guide your discussion could include questions like:

      • Is there a creative process you follow?
      • What percentage of your work is produced by your staff vs outsourcing?
      • How long have you worked in my industry?

      No matter how familiar you are with the agencies, be sure to provide as much information as possible when inviting them. If you are overly vague about your requirements, you may waste your time with inappropriate responses.

      Ensure that you are also being interviewed. Your agency should be responsive, engaged, and eager to establish a long-term relationship with you.

      The Pitch

      If you don’t ask for creative samples to judge how they’d respond to your brief and pay for the time spent to create them, you won’t be given unique solutions to your challenge.

      Several creative ad agencies in India adhere to trade standards and do not provide free innovative solutions without prior agreement.

      Instead, their proposal will focus on how to tackle your challenges and how much it will cost.

      You may need to pay for their time if you want creative ideas. Your budget will dictate what you can afford.

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      Wrapping up

      The fact that you now understand how to team up with a creative ad agency can be put to action as you use the checklist to pinpoint the agency you consider your trustworthy partner.

      PromotEdge is a globally recognized, 360° ROI focused, creative ad agency in India. We strive to create soulful ads that strike resonates emotionally with the audience. We specialize in research-oriented strategy activation and campaign for TVC, Print Media, Radio Jingles, Out of Home (OOH), and Transit Ads.

      So if you’re looking for the best creative ad agency in India, look no further than us.

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