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      5 Ways To Use Micro-Influencers To Grow Your Business

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      Be it brand awareness, re-targetting or just creating a buzz over the internet for your business, it is important to collaborate with an influencer. As an influencer marketing company in Kolkata, we have seen a lot of brands gaining the required visibility through collaboration campaigns. This holds true not only for B2C brands but also for B2B brands of all scales as influencer marketing helps capture the audience’s attention.

      In terms of number, and engagement as of today, micro-influencer has the highest market share. With their follower count in between 10k-100k, this is a large bucket where you get influencers of varied categories and niches. From fashion to tech, and food to finance, today micro-influencers are creating a loyal follower community around their content. So, why does micro-influencer marketing work and why they are better investment for branding and marketing today? Let’s explore that in this article. 

      Benefits of Choosing Micro-influencers

      Higher Engagement

      Micro-influencers typically have smaller and more loyal followings compared to macro-influencers or celebrities. The followers connecting with them trust their opinions and recommendations more, leading to a higher engagement rate on sponsored content.  Thus, onboarding them for brand collaboration helps you get more eyeballs, and also has a higher chance that they will connect with your brand in future. 

      They don’t make brands go bankrupt

      When it comes to branding and advertising for small businesses or start-ups, collaborating with influencers with exorbitant pricing is difficult. Micro-influencers often charge lower fees and are open to barter collaboration for promotion. This makes them a cost-effective option for brands and with limited budgets, you can hire more influencers for a marketing campaign without exceeding the budget.

      Micro-influencers have a niche category

      Choosing micro-influencers is beneficial for businesses as they have a specific niche category. Be it fashion, sports, or any other industry, their content revolves around a category helping brands find an audience where their target audience is already present. Thus, as a brand, it helps you to reach out to a targetted audience who are already interested in the products and services, resulting better conversion rate. 

      User-Generated Content

      Being the leading influencer marketing company in Kolkata, while collaborating with influencers and brands we have understood that micro-influencers are more likely to curate authentic content and user-generated content that has a genuine appeal. This type of content often seems relatable and when the consumers do connect it does come off as another brand promotion or just an ad. 

      Easier to Reach

      Micro-influencers have a smaller following, which makes them easier to connect and reach. Without going through cycles of communication that involve agencies, brand managers and assistants, you can connect with the micro-influencers on a personal level. Be it sliding into their DM’s or mailing them, you can connect with them and establish a genuine relationship. Thus you can communicate the scope of work, and the deliverables, and provide necessary briefs and feedback in your collaboration. 

      How PromotEdge Helps in Influencer Marketing?

      As influencer marketing is an indispensable marketing strategy for brand endorsement, we as a digital marketing agency help brands leverage the benefits of influencer marketing. 

      Our Strategy Includes

      Selecting the right influencer

      Every business is unique, and its audience is unique too. For which a brand that works better on YouTube won’t work if promoted through an influencer on LinkedIn. Be it platform, demographic, or industry, it is important to connect the brand with the right influencer to mint out benefits. 

      For instance, for a business which is launching in a tier-2 city and wants to inform its audience and connect with them, approaching a local micro-influencer will have more engagement and benefit instead of reaching out to an influencer who doesn’t have much reach in that specific demographic. 

      Scope of Work Discussion

      We facilitate discussion with influencers to clarify the scope of work, including deliverables, deadlines and workflow processes after onboarding. Additionally, we also have a non-disclosure agreement where necessary. 

      Scripting and Shooting

      While connecting with influencers, we ensure that the content delivers the brand message and represents your brand. We offer support in scripting and assist in shooting to ensure it meets your requirements. 

      Your Takeaway

      In the digital landscape which is bustling with content creators and marketing strategies, the role of micro-influencers emerges as a significant influence for businesses aiming to carve their niche. From their unparalleled engagement rates to their cost-effectiveness, micro-influencers offer a dynamic platform for brands to connect authentically with their target audiences. 

      At PromotEdge, as a leading influencer marketing company in Kolkata, we have collaborated with various influencers helping brands to get reach, and engagement and unlock boundless possibilities for brand growth and resonance in the digital sphere. 

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