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      SEO Company in Dhanbad

      SEO Companies in Dhanbad

      PromotEdge is an SEO company in Dhanbad. SEO improves website traffic from search engines. Dhanbad is turned rapidly into a digital hub without any doubt.   More than 100 businesses are now working in the cities. We have worked with various companies – from startups to small-scale and medium enterprises to large companies with a 100 per cent success rate – as the predominant and most competent, affordable SEO company in Dhanbad.

      Process for SEO services in Dhanbad includes:

      Research & Analysis

      Firstly we focus on Keyword research which involves finding a bunch of keyword phrases used during optimization. This is a critical step. It requires a significant amount of time to find a good set of keyword phrases that involve finding the words highly used by the users and has relatively low competition within the search engines.

      We find out about the other competitive websites that appear when one searches for the keywords and phrases under competitive research. It gives us an idea about the various other companies with similar businesses and our competitive advantages.

      Report Making & Goal Setting

      After this, we understand the traffic levels of the website before using the keywords. This is done to understand what areas of the website we need to work on. Access to site traffic information is crucial. These statistics indicate how users are interacting with the website.

      After this, we as an SEO company in Dhanbad set goals for the SEO plan. These goals are measurable and are linked to the business objectives of the website. These goals are made so that we can analyze the progress and make changes accordingly.

      Content Creation

      Content is extremely important in search engine optimization and it is needless to mention that search engines love superior quality content. We as one of the best SEO companies in Dhanbad will serve you with the best quality content.

      High-quality content on your website will give users a reason to stay and come back. In the Competitive Research phase, we often notice that the website is lagging behind its competitors because of its content. In those cases, we create quality content that can boost the performance of the website.

      Social Media & Link Building

      Social media sharing provides plethora of opportunities for companies. We help our clients establish a strong social media presence and advice them on how to best use social media to share site content and connect with the potential customers. With every new visit to the site, the link’s popularity increases in the search engines. Here we can track the website’s progress using various tools.

      Follow Up Reporting

      The same reporting done initially is done again as and when necessary. This is done to compare the keyword rankings, website traffic, social signals, and various other key metrics. This helps measure the results of the SEO campaign. Based on the analysis, the goals are re-set and adjusted accordingly.

      PromotEdge, as an SEO company in Dhanbad, tries to make minimum changes to the website without losing its essence and the client’s message about their business.

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