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      Advertising Agency in Dhanbad

      Advertising Agency Dhanbad

      There are many advertising agencies in Dhanbad, but they provide only one particular type of advertising. In such a scenario, if you want to advertise using two or more modes, you’d have to choose two or more different agencies. PromotEdge is here to provide you with different types of advertising under one roof.

      Modern- Class Advertising At Promotedge

      As an Online Advertising Agency in Dhanbad, we follow a combination of both traditional and digital adverting modes that include traditional methods like hoarding, bus shelter ads, train and bus branding, TVC, Radio Jingle, Out of Home (OOH), Transit ads, and newspaper ads. New-age digital methods that include SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing), CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO(Social Media Optimization), ORM(Online Reputation Management), Influencer Marketing, Digital Media Buying, Online PR, Performance Marketing, etc. This helps your business reach a wider range of audiences. Our strategies for the ads are ROI centered. We as an advertising agency in Dhanbad like follow a detailed process to achieve best results.

      The 5-Step Process Of Promotedge For The Best Advertising Agency In Dhanbad:

      Market analysis

      Here we conduct researches to find the target audience for the product/service. We also get an analysis of the competitors for the product/service in the market. This also helps us understand how the advertisement will perform in the market.

      Selecting the advertising media

      Based on our market research and analysis, we select which media will work the best for the business. We do a thorough study of all the pros and cons for various advertising media like TV commercials, Radio Jingles, Newspaper advertisements, digital marketing, etc. After completely understanding the market, we select an advertising media for the product or service.

      Cost-benefit analysis

      This is done to understand how much the advertising campaign cost, and it will be able to reap more returns for the business than what is being invested. As an advertising agency in Dhanbad, we also do this to figure out which media will reap maximum benefits for the business with minimum investment.

      Deciding the mode of advertisement

      Under this step, we first decide what message we want to give out to the audience about the product/service. Then we decide how we put across the message. Do we want to make banners or hoardings, or do we want to create an attractive video?

      Creating the actual advertisement

      After finalizing our advertisement mode, we start working on the script, and then if we are print ads, we design them, or if we are doing a video, we start shooting for it. After we have created a successful video that sends across a powerful message, we publish the ad.

      These strategies and detailed researches set us apart from other online advertising agencies in Dhanbad. We strive and love to help our clients grow their businesses. First, we consider the objectives and needs of the brands and then create a marketing calendar. We respect each consumer relation and thus work with you to guarantee that your brand fulfills its goals.

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