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      Bangalore is the hub of technology, known as the “silicon valley of India”, it is growing as fast as technology, and so does the need for better marketing is required in the midst of the growth. With the growth of well-established names and small start-ups, it is crucial to have a voice that resonates with the audience and delivers the brand message to the consumer. This is where we come in.

      PromotEdge, a brand unique to its name, we are a new-age advertising agency with agenda to make your brand stand out with an EDGE. With thought-provoking ads and ideas, we are led by experts and industry leaders. A young and collaborative team makes us “think outside the box” or even “sit in a box and then think why outside thinking is required.

      We are the hub of curious minds, who questions to understand, who, why, when, and where helps us to know more about the brand, and the people we are targeting to create impact through ads. With roots in Kolkata, we do not limit ourselves to the city, rather we are explorers and innovators and that’s what we bring on a table while creating ads and producing creative content for your brand.


      Points To Ask When You Are Looking For A Good Advertising Agency In Bangalore

      While several aspects determine whether you are going in the correct direction, here are a few essential points. Ask these questions to be sure that what you are choosing is the best advertising agency in Bangalore.

      How does the agency keep up with the constantly evolving digital industry?

      Whenever you are looking for an advertising agency in Bangalore that can suit your requirements, it is essential to see how they work. It means that you should try to analyze whether or not the agency uses the most advanced techniques and can keep up with the latest advertising trends.

      For example, PromotEdge has a highly professional team that keeps evolving with the market to match the latest standards. Plus, they are well equipped with all the necessary know-how required to fetch the best results.

      What about the ad metrics?

      It is essential that the agency you choose understands your requirement well and then works on them. Moreover, they have to reveal the metrics they use to analyze the success of any campaign. For example, the reach, engagement, audience size, expected views, and more are some of the metrics we consider here.

      What is the usual methodology that PromotEdge uses for successful campaigns?

      An advertising agency in Bangalore may begin with their pitching to attract a target audience even before understanding the ad type. However, PromotEdge knows how to customize ad methods to showcase your products and services in a way that will attract the target audience every time. Moreover, they list down the goals first and then ensure how to fetch the most desirable results.

      Are there any ethical standards?

      Any good advertising agency in Bangalore will have to prove the most ethical standards to work with good companies. It is because ads for reputed companies will have a specific code of authenticity. For example, a good brand will never lie or exaggerate facts to enhance the sale of their products at any cost. Therefore, as a good advertising agency in Bangalore, the team should be able to take responsibility for the facts that they showcase for any brand.

      Once you are clear about these facts, there will no problem in taking the deal forward. Moreover, PromotEdge believes in authenticity and transparency, which means your work is in the best hands only.

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