The Sweethearts of Yesterday

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The Sweethearts of Yesterday

On this World Senior Citizen’s Day, let’s agree that age is literally just a number! Why? Spare a few minutes to sit with your old ones and ask about their days of youth. You’ll know. The current senior citizens were the dudes & dudettes of ‘their times’. You’ll notice the shine in their eyes and smile of satisfaction on their glowing faces when they narrate their stories to you. Nothing beats a story narrated by them about their adventures of youth.

A generation that did not have GPS to locate a place where they could hang out or date. They simply created their own ‘Adda’ joints wherever they went. Like, my mother owned up the theatres whenever she felt like catching up the then current blockbusters because she would lead the mass bunking of her college, right into the movie halls. My otherwise calm & cool, father loved his bullet and was the member of a biker’s group that would keep pestering the traffic guards.

You go one generation above them, there you’ll find the true legends. If you have a rebellious ‘Nani’ like mine or had a kickass ‘Baba’; you’ll know that thug life actually runs in the family. No one got their audacious self out of thin air, it was passed down by, the now gentle but the then mental, generation.

Ever heard a grandfather specifically teaching his grand-daughters to beat the shit out of eve-teasers? Or a grandmother asking her grandchildren to not fear the examination scorecard because that will not define their education in anyway? You must have. Somewhere or the other because theirs was a generation of self-made men and women.

They have faced and survived the horrors of India’s partition & independence. Literally, each of them have contributed in shaping the country which is currently going into ruins but that’s a different debate altogether.

These angry young men & daring young women, in their times were defying the rules of their society. The rebellion has been passed down from these sweethearts who now sit quietly in a corner of the house and guide us whenever we are lost. Their wisdom helps us in making our decisions and there is no replacement of the love & affections they flood us with. So, let’s just pledge to give them a hug and a peck on the cheeks before leaving from home every day because we are what they were and they are what we will be; reflections of each other on different time zones.