Taking the Soccer World Cup 2018 beyond the TV Screen

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Taking the Soccer World Cup 2018 beyond the TV Screen

Soccer World Cup 2018 has turned out to be a different ball game altogether. It’s not just the TV screens that has been captured, the mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and who knows what else is playing and replaying the games. No time zone or device, not even connectivity can contain the clashing titans of this soccer world cup. Fans are now reliving the magic moments of their favourite matches anytime, anywhere.

The online platforms has brought the soccer trivia within a click’s range or tap, in case of mobile phones. Fans with time crunch are choosing highlight videos, fans who are following the footsteps of their favourite players are viewing trick shot videos and drills & skills videos.

The interest in this world cup, across the world, has surpassed both the Olympics, summer & winter. Considering the search volume across YouTube and Google, it simply continues to grow, to surpass various other major sports events.

  • This soccer world cup has diluted the borders and international divide. International fandom is rocking the world.
  • Brazil tops the chart with the most international fans, followed by Argentina, Portugal, England and France.
  • YouTube has seen 80% increase from last year, in the videos featuring players like Lionel Messi & Neymar da Silva. Videos about Lionel Messi has 10x more watch time than NBA superstar Russell Westbrook.
  • Fans are watching both, the on field action and the off field events. Anything that includes their favourite teams and players, is streaming hot.
  • The fans in different time zones look for recaps and watch the soccer matches later at their convenience. This has doubled the watch time of recap videos in the last couple of years.
  • With all these accessibilities, the thrill of watching live match is still the same. Yet, about 70% fans prefer watching later due to varied time zones. While one-third choose highlights over the whole game.