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Website Design Process

Lead by our project superman-ager identifying smart goals and exact targets is always the first step of our designing process. The rest is a structured process followed to develop the brand specific strategic design.

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All our website design project starts with a strategy development. The web design team comprising of strategists, account & technical managers and web designers, first identifies the competitions, goals and target audience of the project. This results in defining the timeline, project plan and design strategy.

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User Experience & Information Architecture

After identifying the target audience and strategy of the business, then comes the User Experience (UX) & Information Architecture (IA) part. Here the layout of website, its functionalities & features, wireframe, and user path flows along with content specification are finalised. This part becomes the blueprint of the project.

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Mock-up of Website Design

This part of website development is the creative design or the aesthetic part. Website designers start giving creative shape to the wireframe. A design story board is provided to the client charting out the fonts & colours that are to be used throughout the website.

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Responsive Design & Back-end Development

We develop websites that are responsive which work across different screens, from mobile phones & devices to desktops. HTML5 is used for the frontend coding and a content management system is customized for the clients so they can update the contents on the responsive website whenever they desire.

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Testing for Quality Assurance

Thorough quality testing is required for developing a quality responsive website. This testing is done on multiple devices to make sure that each page loads perfectly & quickly on different device screens. The security measures are taken and the Search Engine Optimization is also tested.

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Launch, Optimization & Analysis

After thorough testing for quality assurance, the website is made live and tested for performance to ensure that the custom design website performs as desired. A team is set up that monitors users’ behaviour pattern on the website and analyse any requirement of improvement in conversion rates, re-visits and time spent on site.

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