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Product Suggestion Pages

Ideal e-commerce website features a product suggestion page that automatically suggests products or categories to the visitors, depending upon their search. Highlighting the current, upcoming or seasonal promotions pushes traffic inside the website and increases the on-site spent time.

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Related Products Pages

Displaying related products that are similar to the searched product page viewed by the consumer is an effective way increase the conversion rates. This feature influences the visitors to spend more time the website. By presenting products that are similar to the ones searched for organizes the assortment of products for the user on website. Enabling social media share options on the product pages can influence customers to showcase the products to friends, colleagues and family. This becomes another advantage as it pulls in more potential buyers.

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Product Filter Feature

Customizing the e-commerce website experience of the buyer on the website makes the purchase process easier and fast. Clicking through pages after pages of various products can be tiring and consumers will soon lose interest if they are unable to locate the required product in the first two pages. The filter feature categorizes product pages based on product features, price scale, availability, payment options (like COD or EMI) and delivery options etc. It has become a vital tool for an e-commerce website. On a category page, a quick preview feature helps the consumers to decide whether they want to buy the product or browse more.

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Product Description

Providing detailed product description, including important information about the products’ features in simple language and concise manner is vital. A customer feels unsure about completing the purchase if he/she cannot get all the important information of the product they want to buy. When products go out of stock, consumers must be able to sign up for notification of its availability, later. This helps a business retain a consumer with a promise to deliver them exactly what they want. Hence, diversion to the competitor is less likely to happen.

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Shopping Cart

A shopping cart has to be dynamic in order to make the inclusion & exclusion of products a smooth process. A small window displaying the addition of items in the cart whenever the consumer is adding helps them keep track of the selected items. This makes the user experience seamless, as the buyer doesn’t have to constantly switch pages to check the items added in the cart. Consumers sometimes add items to cart but delays the purchase process. So, instead of forcing the consumer to buy the option of ‘save for later’ makes things comfortable for them. And a reminding feature can remind them about the added items in relaxed intervals, like a follow up.

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Shipping Rates & Options

A successful e-commerce website design to avoid constricting itself to a single shipping option or a fixed shipping rate. Different consumers may want different shipping options, some may want their products to be delivered immediately while others might settle for the regular shipping & delivery time. The checkout procedure is an important investment of time, the customers should be allowed to calculate the shipping & delivery costs straight from the shopping cart before proceeding towards the checkout process.

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Payment Portal

The payment portal should be simple & quick as it holds the final steps for the transaction/purchase. After every payment process consumers must be redirected to a ‘payment confirmation page’ where a display message may confirm the success of payment or failure. Sending an e-mail confirming the received payment or failure helps the consumers be sure of the authenticity as it gives them a documentation of the process. Once the order is successfully placed, a tracking feature keeps them updated about the movement of their item/consignment and the exact delivery day.

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