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Strategically planned placement of paid ads on a mixture of media platforms result in high reach and good results for our brands. Mainly involving TV, newspapers, magazines, radio channels, websites and outdoor placements, we work on strategic campaigns to accelerate a product, brand or service’s reach. The whole purpose of making consumers aware of the product, service or brand and persuasive communication is achieved within our client’s prescribed budget.

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Goals & Objectives

Being specific about the objectives before media planning helps in developing the planning strategy. Reviving a brand, acquiring or retargeting consumers and leads, increasing the brand awareness, conversion rates and business growth are always the major goal. Achieving the marketing goals is the main objective of multi-channel media planning. Having measurable, realistic and time-bound goals helps in strategizing a successful media plan.

Define Target Audience | Media Planning - Promotedge

Define Target Audience

Defining target audience is vital to understand who to reach through the multi-channel media plan. Among the sea of audience focusing on the specific interest groups delivers best results. Ideal consumers must be reached via the best suitable media. To define target audience considering the following points are important:

  • Campaign – B2B (Business to Business) / B2C (Business to Consumer)
  • Demography – Income, Age, Gender, Location, Occupation and Relevance of the product or service for the consumers & their geographical location.
  • Interest – Buying Habits of the target consumers will define their interest in the product or service category.
  • Media Preference – Preference of media such as Television, Radio, Newspaper, OOH, Internet and Social Media.
  • Timeline – Duration of the media campaign.
  • Budget – Spending on each media is planned according to the budget allotted by client.

Above criteria segregate the consumers into the target segment. This will help in sorting out the communication for the campaign and its channels. Pin-pointing the people who are buying or selling the product or service in the market becomes easy. These are the audience who are expected to respond to the communication or advertisement. It becomes easier to decide whether to broaden the campaign reach or to specifically narrow it down according to the requirement of media campaign. As per the media budget & campaign goals different media is bought for specific time period.

Develop Media Plan | Media Planning - Promotedge

Develop Media Plan

Media plan delivers the relevant advertisements to the correct target audience. A detailed media plan will specify communication/message, creative requirements, cost per million clicks and number of impressions for the chosen media channels. Attractive and engaging creative with message ensures a boost on clicks & response by the target audience. The marketing goals are compiled in a media plan for the media campaign to get the best results.

Measuring The Results | Media Planning - Promotedge

Measure The Results

A media plan is analysed & measurable goals are achieved by tracking engagements. Success or failure of a media campaign can be measured by optimised revenue, click-through rates and form sign-ups. These help in identifying the maximum result generating media in the existing media campaign. It helps in determining the future investments in the specific media for valuable delivery. Real-time data shows the efficiency of the media on ROI.

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