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Content strategy & copywriting must have unified message for a brand to keep audience engaged. Persuasive copy is necessary across all media that convey a brand’s image. Catchy headlines & call to action copy, connects the target consumers to the brand, product or service. We develop branding focused content after identifying the target audience. A consistent brand message across all media platform is the vital facet of a marketing strategy. Addressing the expectations of the target consumer with effective copywriting is the principal requirement to speed up the conversion procedure. We adopt different writing style for different media because their audiences are different. The message remains the same. Hence, it exhibits versatility. To leap over competitors in digital marketing, we strategize SEO friendly content & copy with high ranking keywords. This generates qualified lead and increases traffic volume.

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Brand Focused Content

Companies with personality, having an interactive style in their writing is preferred by most people. Irrespective of the business being B2B or B2C, evolving & sustaining a steady voice for the brand throughout all the platforms is essential to build a lasting relation that majority of consumers.

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Target Focused Content

Researching the audience at a customer profile level and classifying their inclination towards a specific category is of chief importance to recognise their needs. A copy or content that specifically caters to the expectations of the consumers and connects with them, speeds up the conversion process.

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Media Specific Content

Prospective customers are mostly at different stages of the conversion funnel depending upon where they interacted with the brand. Copy and content across all platforms must hold a common theme, but exhibit adaptability to gain benefits of each unique platform.

Prospective customers are mostly at different

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SEO-Friendly Copy & Content

The most efficient method of generating leads for a business is from organic traffic diverted from search engines. For search engine optimization (SEO), high ranking keywords of the industry provides a leap over the competitors and get the best ranking for a website. By writing suitable content that gathers links from high performance websites, a website gets quality leads and increased traffic.

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Landing Page Copy Optimization

Landing pages are also the conversion funnels of potential customers. Effective copy & content of a landing page has relevant descriptive content, concise headline and explanation of the product or service and a call-to-action message. The copy & content of a landing page determines the success in conversion rates.

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