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As business consultants, we research & suggest the most resourceful method or platform for the growth of your company. The verticals of our expertise range from ATL, BTL, TTL & digital marketing. Suppose, if you are looking for engagement in digital marketing, your digital existence needs to grow through all the online channels by target audience research, identification of digital & industry trends to measure and improve your visibility online. We provide strategic planning & problem solving services for your business.

Target Audience Research | Business Consulting - Promotedge

Target Audience Research

Researching about the exact customers and structuring the strategy to address their requirements is the cornerstone of successful marketing. We invest time to analyse the customers and their online behaviour. Researching social media activity, internet usage, education, age and gender, helps in laying out the plan that also contains extensive analysis of content strategy, media integration, website, social media campaigns and email campaign.

Identifying Potential Expansion Areas | Business Consulting - Promotedge

Identifying Potential Expansion Areas

Calculating the current marketing trend of the industry creates the most efficient marketing campaign. A competitive analysis of marketing strategies that were fruitful in past, can guide the charting of new strategies. These act as reference points for ideating innovative campaign strategies. Such strategies identify and focus on potential expansion areas of a brand, product or service.

SWOT Analysis | Business Consulting - Promotedge

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of a business’ current marketing strategy can identify the high performing and low performing channels. This allows one to focus the marketing budget on more efficient channels. Planning & analysing the growth of a marketing campaign requires patience. The conversion or results can be evaluated but only after a certain period. It requires months of patience to get noticeable improvements in the business growth. Implementing a marketing campaign needs patience.

Tracking Growth Changes | Business Consulting - Promotedge

Tracking Growth & Changes

Continuous analysis is required for a marketing campaign to remain effective. The market trends are dynamic and keep changing. The marketing strategies need to be updated with the changing trends keep the consumers engaged. Consistent amendments to marketing campaigns will prove effective will initiate ROI from the investment.

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