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Brand & Marketing Strategy

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As brand consultants, we provide customized strategies to tell a brand's story that strengthens its visibility in the otherwise cluttered market. Industry analysis & competition research, audience re-engagement and brand identity design establishes brand loyalty. Other than branding strategies, we add the extra edge to our brands by delivering effective marketing strategies that help them to draw in potential customers and improve their market presence.

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Industry & Competitor Analysis

Brand identity is always bigger than marketing strategy. While building a brand, its brand identity becomes the foundation of its business. Strengthening brand identity is crucial to formulate a business strategy. Our thorough analysis of your current market position and industry competitors allows us to chalk out the plan to place your brand exactly where you want it. Analysis of industry leaders guides our plan towards innovation. These factors create a unique approach for your brand and its future market position.

Reviving The Brand Identity | Brand Marketing Strategy - Promotedge

Reviving the Brand Identity

Reviving a brand image in the dynamic market place has a significant impact on business growth. A company’s market history gives valuable insights to decide the steps for future efforts. We identify the right steps that prove to be most effective in reviving your brand and strengthens your brand identity.

Importance of Revival Policy | Brand Marketing Strategy - Promotedge

Why reviving a brand image is important?

A brand image needs revival to retain its position in the consumer psyche. To sustain its market, a brand often requires fresh voice that resonates with the current trends. Sometimes, a brand’s fresh voice sets the trend. It’s all about understanding the consumer psychology. Only a perfect branding/re-branding plan can deliver the exact results required. Grabbing the consumers attention, sustaining it and retaining for brand recall stretches a brand’s lifespan by decades. Depending upon the impactful branding strategy, some brands had established a brand recall for generations. Reengagement is vital for survival.

Syncronizing Brand Identity With Business | Brand Marketing Strategy - Promotedge

Syncing Brand Identity with Business

A brand identity must define your business. The identity decides how a brand should be seen by the target consumers and a business model allows the brand to carve its niche among the audience. The strategy of creating a brand identity requires the wholesome positioning of the brand. Starting right from logo, tagline, images and collaterals that illustrate the principles and objectives of your business. A successful brand identity strategy is the one that makes the brand an integral part of the consumers’ lives. With the tools of digital marketing, the brand image can be layered into the social media platforms, websites and other effective online marketing places.

Brand Identity Knowhow


Brand Image

A brand image is how a brand is perceived by its customers. All the collective marketing strategies, tools & efforts are aimed at the creation of a brand image. A brand image is built on the close resemblance of its identity and the way it needs to be perceived by the prospective consumers. The brand image defines the success of branding & marketing strategies.


Brand Identity

Brand identity expresses a brand to the world. It is the aggregate of what an organization or company does. Its personality, competitive edge, mission and brand promise. It also includes the expectations of the target consumers. The summation of a business or company’s desirous identity as a brand is its brand identity. Each brand has a unique identity that makes it stand out of the crowd. Brand identity is designed to create familiarity with the brand in the market and target consumers. The consumers associate a brand & its identity by its logo, tagline, typeface & signature tune etc. The elements of brand identity include brand personality, culture & positioning and brand vision.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy comprises of the foundation principles & values of a company or business. As the company grows, the strategy incorporates the milestones that are aspired to be achieved by it. It becomes the launch pad of a business where each marketing attempt takes flight keeping unison throughout all platforms. Only a thorough understanding of the business or company helps in creating a successful brand strategy.

Brand Development

Brand Development

The strategic steps taken to place a business into the market is called brand development. It is the method of creating and establishing a brand. The turning of a brand from a concept to a physical entity placed in the market to cater to its target consumers is a continuous development process. This process with the support of strategic marketing campaign waters the growth of a brand.

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