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As business consultants, we research & suggest the most resourceful method or platform for the growth of your company. The verticals of our expertise range from ATL, BTL, TTL & digital marketing. Suppose, if you are looking for engagement in digital marketing, your digital existence needs to grow through all the online channels by target audience research, identification of digital & industry trends to measure and improve your visibility online. We provide strategic planning & problem-solving services for your business.

Target Audience Research | Strategy Consulting - Promotedge

Target Audience Research

The success of an online or offline marketing strategy depends on targeting the right customers and cater to their needs. Guessing the demography of the target audience is a gamble and a risk no brand needs to take. Analysis of the target consumers’ and their online activities help in charting out a complete strategy. Research on their age, gender, education qualification, their brand preferences in the product or service category, geographical & social relevance of the product or service, social media and internet activities gives the advantage of planning the social media integration, e-mail campaign, website structure along with the copy & content for effective communication. Research & analysis takes time but it is an inevitable tool for the success of a marketing strategy. Developing a marketing strategy is only the first step. The next step involves implementing the marketing mix; product, price, place, promotion, positioning, packaging and people are the 7 elements to be kept under constant evaluation, to impact the consumers.

Classification of Potential Market | Strategy Consulting - Promotedge

Classification of Potential Market Expansion

Evaluation of a brand’s present position in the market & industry trends is most important. A competitive study of marketing tactics applied in the past, guides the development of a strategy in the right direction. The most successful marketing strategies are only the references for creating innovative and alluring campaigns to beat the competitors.

Achieving Noticalbe Return | Strategy Consulting - Promotedge

Achieving Noticeable Returns Take Time

To measure noticeable improvements in a business, one has to be patient. Immediate results of marketing strategies are rare. Expansion of a brand’s market & business normally takes months. Analysing the resources of a company before going for a makeover of the brand can provide inventive branding materials that can attract the consumers. A SWOT analysis of your present marketing strategies identify the correct channels for marketing. And this helps in pinpointing the budget on productive channels and eliminate the non-productive or less productive channels.

Tracking Industry Trends & Business Growth - Promotedge

Tracing Industry Trends & Business Growth

A market is always dynamic and industry trends tend to change frequently. Constant analysis to keep a marketing strategy abreast with the changing industry trends, is the most efficient way. Customers need to be kept engaged. Lack of revisions results in outdated marketing tactics that soon, fails. Revising and changing tactics helps a brand to stay on top and generate good conversions on investments.

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