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Our marketing team researches about features and business strategies that are required to make a mobile app different from the rest. These features are used to market the business. It is crucial to plan the introduction of the app, to the market and the media launch. Depending upon the industry, marketing of a mobile app requires custom strategy. Analysing the competition, media positioning and target audience is the most vital part of a mobile app marketing strategy. This keeps the consumers' engagement with the brand, moving up swiftly, resulting in the success of the mobile app.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just like search engine optimization is done for a website, the same is also done for mobile apps to make searching easy for prospective consumers. SEO for mobile applications are incredibly beneficial for the discovery of the mobile app. In mobile application stores, the top ranking of an app is totally dependent on the ratings & reviews given by customers and the number of downloads. To increase the visibility and create the required traction as well as growing the business online from a mobile app, SEO is important.

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Public Relations

A mobile application of a business is always an extension of the brand, and sometimes it is also the product. Hence, the marketing to build a public image for an app begins much before the official launch date. It needs to reach potential users for its success. Our Digital PR focuses on mobile app branding, including the targeting of relevant media to heighten the interest among the consumers. We measure the target audiences’ online & offline publications accessing trends to sort out the media channels that cater to the industry and serve the specific market. Such channels place links that revert back to the landing page or the website of the brand or company to increase the traffic and improve the rankings of the company.

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Social Media Marketing

A strong social media marketing helps in the success of a mobile app. We strategize the social media marketing plan for a brand, optimize the content and target the right audience to create the perfect online impact for the app. Providing visitors with relevant information to understand the business and its mobile app, engages the consumers on the targeted social platforms. Our social media team excels in launching and managing marketing campaigns on various social media platforms, that delivers the brand identity & message of the business, online. Social media marketing creates a virtual community for the business, while the marketing strategies we chalk out finds the correct audience that boosts business growth.

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Paid Advertising

To garner a strong brand awareness by reaching and impacting the correct audience in large number, paid advertising for mobile apps is the best option. This makes way for qualified traffic and conversion. Our research helps in strategizing about the usage of keywords, phrases and demographics that needs to be targeted, to customize an advertising campaign. This advertising process provides multiple opportunities to reach the relevant consumer for a business. Our compelling Search Engine Marketing plan leads the right audience in the right direction.

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