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SEM is search engine marketing. Our SEM efficiently connects brands with customers and prospects. We evaluate the search demand, set priorities and budget for the SEM strategy, strike the ideal balance between organic & paid search, enhance visibility among current customers & qualified leads, and relentlessly measure performance. We understand how mighty the keywords are for SEM, just as they are for SEO. Our SEM campaigns, selectively use keywords to give a better search result. With in-depth keyword research, we make a successful search engine marketing campaign. We let you run your campaigns targeting the exact right terms long before you miss your target audience.

Search Engine Marketing | Digital Marketing Strategy - Promotedge

Paid Media Process

Understanding the clients business is the first thing to do before initiating Search Engine Marketing. We plan along the parameters of budget, target audience, media mix, details of products or the brand and timing

Display Advertising | Marketing Strategy - Promotegde


Advertisement through creative, text, audio-visuals and banners on mobile apps, websites or social media platforms are display advertisements. With our expertise in Google Adwords, we manage display ad campaigns for branding purposes, for increasing traffic on the websites and to generate lead for our clients.

Remarketing | Digital Marketing Strategy - Promotedge


Sometimes a number of traffic or visits on a website do not convert into enquiry or purchase. Remarketing permits us to place ads specifically to that audience who had diverted from the website. Google AdWords has a remarketing. Our SEM expertise is being constantly fine-tuned to efficiently connect brands with customers and prospects. The service offerings include – evaluation of the search demand, setting priorities/budget for the SEM strategy, striking the ideal balance between organic & paid search, enhancing visibility among current customers & qualified leads, and relentlessly measuring performance. We specialize in developing customized strategies that enable brands to grow web assets over the long-term without compromising short-term results and to generate qualified traffic across the entire online footprint form for online advertisement. It enables businesses to target advertisements to diverted consumers.

Pay Per Click Advertising | Promotedge


Pay Per Click also Cost Per Click is a model of internet advertising where ads are published on a host website and the advertiser pays a certain amount of money each time the ad is clicked.

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