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Paid Media

We make it work for you and along with bringing organic traffic, we ensure your website also gets inorganic traffic for achieving your branding goals. We select the correct platform to reach the target audience at the perfect time. We leave no stone untouched and place our ads on paid media including PPC(Pay Per Click), content creation and marketing & display ads advertising.


Project Brief

To properly complete the discovery process we define client information & business goals along with all required information.

Paid Media Audit

Based on analytics, landing pages, and current campaign statistics our team creates a baseline for current paid media performance

Keyword Research

Our team of digital marketing experts defines target keywords for AdWords, or other PPC campaigns to achieve the business goals outlined in the project brief. We are always in a spree to identify opportunities from the paid media audit.

Competitive Analysis

We determine areas of opportunity and risk and define PPC competitors and ad copy based on keyword research and Strategy. We believe at the end of the day it is all about competition and achieving the first place in the search engine results.


Paid Media Strategy

On making a paid media strategy the team defines all paid search, remarketing, PPC advertising, display and social media advertising campaigns, including ad copy, targeting option, budget and landing page recommendations.

Measurement Planning

We make goals are milestones that evaluate campaign performance, Landing Page & Campaign Setup. To achieve these milestones we document measurable short-term and long-term goals.

Landing Page & Campaign Setup

Content Implementation

It all boils down to use of keywords to draw more traffic. Based on a cohesive content strategy to reflect targeted keywords found during the keyword research phase Our team of content writers curate website content.  

Technical Implementation

Based on the strategy recommendations we implement edits to the website’s coding. Starting from including changes to landing page elements such as meta descriptions, internal links, to anything that would help support the overarching objective of the campaigns


Short-Term Adjustments

Based on short term performance indicators we change bids, ads, and landing pages. We are very flexible and goal oriented. We can do anything to bring out the best results.

Campaign Adjustments

We study trends and hate what’s obsolete. Based on trends that are identified over time we make global changes to the campaign.

Analysis & Reporting

Monthly Performance Report

We don’t just assume your marketing is working—we keep a track of the data. For us ‘Progress’ is the name of the game, and to ensure continual optimization of your marketing strategy, we use your monthly performance report.

Quarterly Review

We work, we achieve results and based on the results achieved, every three months our team does a comprehensive overview of campaign and adjustments to the project plan for a better return

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