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Measurable Results

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Marketing Strategy

The success of a marketing strategy depends upon planning and research to make sure the goals of a brand are achieved. Our marketing strategies deliver measurable results. These strategies identify the KPIs to connect with the target audience which helps the brand to resonate. Creative & persuasive marketing strategies through targeted paid media & SEO provide correct market positioning.

Marketing Strategy Process

To provide a competitive edge to our clients & brands, our marketing strategy follows a step by step process that starts from identifying the business goals. To shape the marketing strategy, the second step we take is to audit & research the problems & opportunities, industrial & cultural trends and classification of the target consumers. Collecting relevant information and analysis of data follows. Based on the reports, we develop custom engagement strategies for different brands. The creative designs are conceptualized & utilized to communicate the brands’ core message. Finalizing the budget for each channel of marketing is the last step where deadlines of deliverables are determined.

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Project Kick-Off

We take a pride on working systematically.  We hear your business goals, identify your brand objective, take a look and analyse  any materials you provide us with that will help us to curate the best marketing strategy. We give you  a project brief  with a timeline for deliverables.

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Research & Analysis

Before we kick start a new project we prefer doing our R&D and an in-depth audit of your industry landscape. We love to stay at par with the cultural trends which helps us to define your target customer, and determine the value propositions that makes your brand excel in the market.

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Engagement Plan

The foundation for all our future efforts in the marketing plan is laid here. Starting from crafting the messaging that clearly communicates your brand’s voice, determining the specific platforms to reach your target audience, to defining the KPIs for tracking and measuring the results of your marketing campaigns – our engagement plan covers all of it.

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Concept Development Creative

We don’t just analyze and gauge data, we utilize the established messaging and branding to create A to Z creative assets for conducting the digital campaign and make our marketing concept come alive. To unify your marketing campaign across multiple outlets our team is a pro in building a cohesive concept.

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Activation Plan

Once the initial marketing strategy is in place, we will create an activation plan for how to execute your campaign. Our activation plan tells you about how we plan to execute your campaign. We bring you the value for money by allocating a budget for each marketing platform and developing a media plan. We establish an execution timeline to manage the deliverables of the campaign. We understand time is money and we take our deadlines seriously.

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