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Brand Identity Design

A brand identity design defines the consumers’ perception of a brand in the market. It communicates the core message of a brand. The components that define brand identity are the visuals of a brand i.e. name, tagline, logo, font, colour; its market position and the brand’s values. It portrays the message of a brand received by the consumers and it must be a consistent one.

Logo Design

A logo can be an emblem, symbol or graphic illustration that becomes the identity of a business or organisation. It is often abstract or may include a text to denote the name of the company or institution.

Benefits of Logo Design

The logo of an organisation or business establishes the brand. It makes the first impression which is vital. Logo design always follows a concept & strategy to give an identity to a business. Consumers retain imagery, hence a logo can be the best tool for brand recall pulling in potential customers.

Logo Design Process & Stationeries

First thing to do is to understand the business of a client. This is followed by a research of the industry, competitors and history of the product or service category. Brainstorming, concepts and sketches finally result is development of a few designs that can be presented to the client with rationale to define each design concept.

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