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2D Animation Video Production

2D corporate video production

PromotEdge is a leading 2D animation video production company. Our prolific and dynamic team consists of animation artists, designers, scriptwriters, and editors, adding soul and emotion to your marketing campaigns.
In the world of advertising, storytelling drives engagement. One of the marketing tools that interests consumers, and allows brands to communicate and bring their products or services to life is 2D animation. 2D animation is vibrant, fun, and colorful style video on two-dimensional graphics that tell the story to the audience in a compelling and appealing way. It is truly memorable and wins over the hearts and minds of its audience, after all through marketing that’s what we all want to do! PromotEdge helps you represent the brand value to your stakeholders in an interactive format.

Why does 2D animation work for Marketing?

Since the inception of animation, they have been an integral part of marketing. With stick-like cartoon characters, to complex real-life scenarios, motion graphics help is an excellent tool for conveying emotions. With the growth of technology, 3D animation, and VFX has become more popular among marketers, however, 2D animation is still one of the popular methods of marketing brands digitally.

Keeps The Content Engaging

2D animation gets lots of attention and focus from watchers, as it simplifies complex topics into digestible bits of information. Marketers are able to demonstrate a new product, give a preview of the product, explain tutorials, and be useful in corporate training. Motion graphics are simple, and can help your business to stand out to attract audiences of any kind.

Fits In a Range of Marketing Channels

In a world where the omnipresence of brands on different platforms and channels is important. 2D animation can be attributed to the execution of successful marketing campaigns on different platforms. These campaigns include TV ads, OOH branding, social media marketing, and Branded IP content on YouTube, and can be repurposed as website content.

Creates Emotional Connection With The Brand

Video interests people regardless of their age, demographics, etc. It can bring nostalgic and childhood memories. As humans are entitled to focus more on dynamic images than static, 2D animations work well in building an emotional connection with a brand.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is about graphic design in motion. We create such marketing videos to explain a complex or abstract idea in a very simple, fast and compelling way. Our motion graphic videos pass out numbers, stats and specific facts that could be harder to assimilate if you used any other form. It can turn the most boring and tedious information into the most appealing and enticing content. You want to pass out a serious or professional image, provide your video with an elegant style, synthesize concepts and do it in an educational yet a cool way, deliver your business idea effectively, convey abstract concepts or ideas? We do it all with Motion Graphics without losing the charm.


We create edgy and visually exciting illustrations that are really eye-catching and rare. We use smart illustration as a core part of 2D animation that become a part of the brand’s handwriting. With our impactful and effective script, they are entertaining and heard out loud to the viewers.  They help evangelize your product or service.  Placing your video on social marketing sites allows them to be shared and commented on.  This spreads the word about you and builds up your following. We create the specific call to action deliverables for your brand and convert more of your viewers into buyers. The list doesn’t end here. Just call out what it needs for a successful branding and our team of talented 2D designers is up on its toes for you.

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