Do We Really Know What Teens Do With Social Media?

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Do We Really Know What Teens Do With Social Media?

Today there is hardly a person or an organization or a nation that does not make use of social media. Businesses actively use social media marketing for their tactical, as well as, strategic goals. We all know that the section of the society that uses social media most actively are none other than teens, They are literally the most avid social media users throughout the world. Most of us feel that social media is probably not healthy for teens. Yet we are mostly not aware of what they actually do on social media. Here’s a list of truths & myths of how teens use the social media.

Myth 1: Teens talk about each & everything online with little regard for privacy-

Actually most teens think over what they want to put out there. They range from very restrictive to extremely forward.

Myth 2: Social media just distracts teens from studies-

This is partially true, but there are also positive sides to this as well. For teens the social media is actually the perfect platform for collaboration on school work, organizing school activities, etc.

Myth 3: They frivolously use social media-

Social media is actually an outlet for lot of healthy activities for teens, which ranges from creative writing, music, hobbies, seeking emotional support, etc.

Myth 4: Dangerous for teens to interact with adults online-

Yes there is always a real chance that teens would get bullied, misguided & even led astray by adults from outside world through social media, there is a positive side to this as well. Online interaction with parents, guardians, teachers, etc are mostly positive in nature, whether it includes homework guidance, mentoring & even learning about appropriate social media behaviours such as privacy protection & online civility.

Myth 5: Internet in schools are just for finding info-

Teens literally use social media as dynamic tool for communication purposes, as well as, for collaboration in education.

So don’t judge the teens on what they do on social media by an outward look. We must delve deep into this & try to understand what positive effects it has on their development, something the perhaps older generations missed. But all this should be done keeping in mind the negative effects that social media can have on children, which includes the teens. Rather than having restriction & strict supervision, adults like parents & teachers should make them aware of these negative effects. Teens, especially the older ones, are quite capable of avoiding or handling the negative effects of social media once they are made aware of it.