Instagram Launches Scannable Nametags

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Instagram Launches Scannable Nametags

Today Instagram has launched a new feature, its QR Snapcode-style Nametags globally on iOS and Android. It lets you create a special image that people can scan with the Instagram Stories camera to follow you. In other words, it is an identification card that allows people to find your profile when it’s scanned.

Nametags has made it easier for people to visually promote their Instagram account. To follow and add a friend just got easier with this nametag. These can be scanned when other users tap and hold on your code through the Instagram Stories camera or Scan Nametag button on your own Nametag to instantly follow you. Yes, and it’s that simple. A nametag is uniquely one’s own and can be fully customized. You can add colors, emojis or AR-embellished selfies to your Instagram Nametag and share them with friends through text messages and on other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. This also means businesses and celebrities could post their Nametags across other social media handles or websites, to promote themselves, print it onto posters or handbills or even make merchandise out of it. So, get started!