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Utkarsh India

Utkarsh India Limited has evolved as an enterprise to meet global demands for life. The tagline of the brand is “Life demands and we deliver”. Utkarsh India Limited, formerly known as Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited began its journey in the year 1987. The 30-year-old edifice of the manufacturing business stands on two pivotal pillars. The most important factor in our products’ life-cycle is our customer and the other one is our up-to-date technology used in the building of infrastructural materials. An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing organization, Utkarsh builds and innovates across seven major verticals –

  • Steel Tubes.
  • PVC Pipes.
  • HDPE Pipes.
  • Railway Electrification.
  • Poles.
  • Towers.
  • Crash barriers.
Utkarsh India established as a preferred manufacturer in infra-structural segments across India, Utkarsh caters to a global customer base, exporting to Germany, Belgium, UK, Lithuania, Poland, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Reunion Islands, Madagascar, Malawi, etc. to meet the necessary demands of life. Utkarsh has contributed greatly to the development of quality infrastructure which ranges from bridges, buildings, houses, roads that enhance living and just when we think we have learned the way to live, life changes. Thus, Utkarsh India keeps updating its methods and techniques to deliver strongly what life demands earnestly.

Our Role

Utkarsh India wanted us to establish their brand successfully among the targeted online community of tubes and pipe manufacturer, dealers, suppliers and generate quality leads to improve the ROI. So we went ahead and crafted the online campaigns – Logo revamp campaign, vertical-wise display and search campaigns (PVC, HDPE, Railway electrification, poles, towers, and crash barriers). We have built up the social presence to maintain the good online reputation of the brand as well as leads. Their website wireframe per vertical wise was very challenging to develop. After a long analysis, we have revamped their age-old website to give it a modern look.


The campaign significantly increased Utkarsh India’s brand recognition & recall and managed to establish an incremental growth in website traffic, Twitter followers and Facebook like. In a span of just 60 days and only utilizing social media and google ads, we managed to generate over 3,500 leads and an unprecedented number of brand impressions. Their website is fully SEO friendly and data optimized and they ranked top for high searched keywords at Google SERP.

Leads – The campaign, which had started out with an objective of generating 3500+ leads in 90 days managed to generate 2000+ leads through Facebook alone in under 60 days.

Impressions – 20 million impressions

Received 20 million impressions on Facebook.

Reach – Over 5 million people

It also managed to have a cumulative reach of over 5 million people on Facebook.

Facebook Page Likes – Generated over 22,000-page likes.

Services – website, digital marketing.

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