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Signature Banner - Client of Promotedge

The Signature

A real estate by project targeted towards mid to high income groups in a posh neighborhood in South Kolkata. The developers, Happy Group & Manor Realty, ventured into the high end homes segment with a clear aim to stand out, this time offering a high rise with no-nonsense amenities. The client asked us to make sure developer branding has to be maintain throughout.


After thorough research, we set a name – The Signature. We found out the name was used quite frequently across the real estate as well as retail industry. However, the name was seldom lived up to.  We made the message plain and simple by keeping the simple and elegant color scheme common in all collaterals. We aimed the visual positioning to seem premium at first glance and also maintain the project’s positioning as a one which offers premium quality of life with its homes.


Our positioning worked. The work stood out in the vicinity of competition and to the standards of ‘Signature’. We successfully created a visual identity that will stand the test of time and will be remembered by those see it. The 1st press ad we created gave them a generous amount of leads, much more than we anticipated. It is being well received by customers who also show interest to know more about the project.


Webpage, OOH, Marketing stationery, Brand Identiy (Visuals), Press Advert.

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