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      Answers to Your Career Curiosities

      What does a having a career in Promotedge look like? Want to have the best idea of what the work culture looks like at PromotEdge?

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      Well, the fun times aside, having a career at PromotEdge is all about constantly uplifting each other by nurturing skills and growing together.

      We are all the time brainstorming ideas to create campaigns that not only skyrocket algorithms but also tactfully learn and unlearn the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

      We’re open to suggestions and we prioritize skills over degree or educational background. We want our team to feel at home and have a place to voice their opinion.

      We are what our team makes us, so we’re not the ones giving you the Edge, but you’re the one creating it both individually and as a team.

      What is our criteria for hiring?

      Promotedge believes in being explorers and not experts (there is always something to learn). Your intent, skill, and interest matters to us the most. The quirkiness, effort, and sensitivity you can bring to the table is more valuable than your educational background or experience.

      Marketing and advertising does not have a rule book. It is constantly changing and demands players who are eager to learn and evolve along with it.

      Why should you join us?

      If you are a beginner you should join to learn from us.

      If you are an intermediate, you grow with us as we grow with you.

      If you are a senior you help us grow, while exploring your expertise.

      Do we allow work from home?

      Yes and No.

      As a communication agency, we believe in zero barriers to communication. The more we can bring ideas to life, through brainstorming under one roof, the better and quicker we can meet our clients’ goals. We are flexible during personal and professional emergencies.

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      Job Roles

      Social Media Strategist

      Full Time

      3-4 years in a digital-first agency.

      Job Responsibility:

      As a Social Media Strategist, your role is to develop and execute innovative social media campaigns that align with client objectives. You will be responsible for content creation, community management, and driving engagement and building distribution across various social platforms. Staying updated on social media trends and analytics to optimize strategies is a crucial part of the role.

      Skills Required
      • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms.
      • Creative thinking and content ideation.
      • Analytical skills for campaign performance evaluation.
      • Ability to stay ahead of digital marketing trends.

      Have a skillset that can help us in our growth journey?

      Fill a short form and we’ll reach out to you.

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      Want to talk to us?

      Send a mail to hr@promotedge.com