How to Choose the Best from the List of Web Design & DevelopmentCompanies in Kolkata

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How to Choose the Best from the List of Web Design & DevelopmentCompanies in Kolkata

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How to Choose the Best from the List of Web Design & DevelopmentCompanies in Kolkata

We are in the generation where if we want to gain knowledge about something we immediately Google it. So it is very important for a brand to make its presence in the web world. Here the term web development makes its presence.

Web Development is the process which involves developing websites for the internet as its host. It is purely a communication tool through which the company communicate to its online-based queries. Websites are part of the web development which consists of web-related pages which have a single domain and have information related to a particular topic. It enables website functionality as per the owner’s requirement. Web Development or website development is a huge concept and it has made its introduction in the last decade. The aim of companies through their websites are mainly to communicate, spreading awareness, and reaching masses by providing information regarding their product or brand.

Nowadays almost every small enterprise or small businesses has their own website which is their face to the world. The very basic of Website development can be divided into two types, one is User Experience (UX) and another is User Interface (UI). User experience is the experience of the user while going through the website, how well the website works, how fluent are the links, how fast they open, how quickly they generate information. The second one is User Interface which determines the outlook of the website to its user. This includes the look of the website, colour combination used for the website and the languages used to develop a website. To understand this matter we have to first know how a web development company works.

How a Web Development Company Works?

A web development company has a wide scope. As we have learned the importance of web development now we will focus on is working structure. The very basic of a web development company to work is business understanding and following communication attributes. First of all the web development company while making a website for a client needs to build an Information Architecture for the websites. This consists of the structure of information that will be showcased on the website. Then the initial design is mocked to the client for alterations. Graphic designer, visualizer, Art Director collectively prepare a layout of the designs and send them to the client. If there is alteration then the client sent it back to the company. Then after the final design is ready it is converted from PSD to HTML format. Nowadays new technology has emerged like HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, CUSTOM PHP, Framework (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Laravel, CI etc.). So it is important for a web development company to have this under one roof. Now we will discuss why a website is necessary for a company.

Why Website is Necessary?

We are in the era of globalization. A product from the other end of the world is just a figure touch away. And this has happened largely due to web development.  Web Development has helped businesses reached its peak. Web Development is a huge concept starting from the idea of how a company should represent itself to the outer world to the execution of the idea. The execution includes the designing of the page, the content of the page and full information of the company along with details of how to contact the company.  A website helps to convey specific, helpful information to a specific audience which helps the audience to understand the topic better. It also helps to increase product knowledge and it helps to communicate more with the business and the potential client. A website has many streams flowing through it and the basic working of a website can be divided into two part- Front End and Back End.

What is Front End and Back End?

These two terms may seem unknown to many but in the web industry, these terms are quite relevant. The front-end is called the client-side and is often considered “web design”. The back-end of the web industry can be called server-side. The Front End is everything the user sees in the websites which include designs, languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc.

Back End on the other hand mostly works on security, structure and content management. People who work on the back end are programmers and developers.

Growth of Web Development Companies

With the rise in demand of the Web Development rise in Web Design and Development Company in Kolkata has also risen. Modern times have seen many website designing company in Kolkata in the making and providing services to the vast number of businesses across. Web Development Company boosts the ranking of the website and helps the company to generate leads and ultimately increasing sales. Nowadays there are many web design and development company in Kolkata among which PromotEdge is one of them who gives web-related support to businesses.

6 Tips to Choose the Best from the List of Website Design Companies in Kolkata

1. Authenticity

When a company searches for a good Web Development Company for its website it must look into the fact that the company must be authorised and has done past works for reputed brands. Thorough verification is essential while choosing a website designing company. Going through their websites, case studies, reviews, blogs are very important.

2. Knowledge of the Brand

Next thing very important thing is that the web designing company must have a good knowledge of the product or services on which they are going to design. So the hiring company must look into this fact that the designing company knows every bit of the hiring company and its product as the website will contain all the details of the company.

3. Work Experience

The web designing company must have done previous work with reputed companies. Working on the same type of brand is an advantage. It will show how they will perform.

4. Efficiency in Both End

It is very important to look into the work efficiency of the company’s back end and front end work in website development. This could be determined by going through their client’s website and seeing how well their website is working.

5. What Other Says

It is always a good idea to re-check and verify. Before hiring a website designing company the company should also verify from the other sources like their clients, online reviews. Apart from these if the designing company has done any work so that can be also taken as reference.

6. Cost

Finally while choosing a web development company in Kolkata one must look into the cost factor that is the charges are reasonable, the period of charging and the deliverables are timely and accurate.

These are the facts which a company should keep in mind while choosing the best web designing company in Kolkata.