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      Why Video Marketing Is The Ultimate Tool For Promoting Businesses

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      Needless to say, videos are immensely popular these days, primarily because the blend of audio and visuals rejuvenates the communication process to a whole new level. Here is a small fact to prove the statement, the world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube video per day. Starting from traditional television of the 60s to today’s YouTube, Snapchat and even Facebook live are dominating our everyday lives.

      If you are a digital marketer or interested in Digital Marketing you already understand the significance of video as a marketing tool. video marketing for businesses in digital marketing allows marketers to reach their audience through an attractive, eye-catching, and rejuvenating medium and acts as the strongest medium in every digital marketer’s promotional toolbox.

      Let’s discuss the reasons why video marketing is the most effective tool to use for promotional activities

      Video builds trust

      The whole concept of marketing is based on creating trust which in turn will create long-term relationships with the customers. The aim should be to attract customers by providing relevant and useful information to them.

      Video marketing does exactly that. Video content are engaging and informative. Let’s not forget the fact that in this generation, YouTubers have become one of the most prominent figures to promote brands.

      There are many customers who are sceptical about online shopping because of the fear of fraud and cheating. Promotional videos present a product or service in a very customer-friendly way which builds customer confidence.

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      Video increases conversion and sales

      If you add a video, related to your product or service on your website’s landing page, conversions can go up to 80% or even more. Not just that, studies and research analyzed that 75% of the viewers who watched a tutorial video about a product, ultimately bought it.

      It is not at all a very surprising fact that video marketing is so powerful since vision is the most dominant sense of ours and it helps us to actually have a visual experience of a product.

      Google loves videos –

      You’re more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video uploaded on your website. Since Google owns YouTube now, there has been a significant boost in how much videos affect your rankings. Optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO with interesting and relevant titles and descriptions and also mention your website or product link on the description.

      Apart from this, adding videos on your website also increases the time spent by the visitors on your site, which builds customer trust and with the longer time spent on the website, it would leave a positive impact on your website, which the search engines would recognize.

      Video is even a source of engagement for lazy buyers –

      We lead a busy life and in fact, everybody is living a busy life in this generation. People are too busy to engage themselves in long product descriptions or usefulness of the product.

      Video marketing comes into use exactly when to overcome this issue. It successfully captures the attention and engages a massive audience, which includes the laziest customers too. With audio-visual engagement, the target must be to provide great and relevant visuals as well as informative audio.

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      Video is popular amongst mobile users

      It is quite a known fact that 90% of people watch videos on their mobile. YouTube witnesses a 100% rise in mobile video consumption every year. According to Google, smartphone users are twice as large as of TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely as desktop viewers to feel a connection with the brands that show video content or ads on their devices.

      This means that the brands must be sensitive and understand the personal experience people have on their smartphones while watching videos.

      Video marketing for businesses is achieving new heights every day and is becoming more affordable and widespread. A perfect marketing video must feature creativity and be informative. The power of creative and humorous video advertising can be viral on the internet and achieve millions of views just within a few days.

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