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YouTube SEO Tips To Boost Your Video Performance

Before getting Youtube SEO tips at first do you know that there are around 2 billion YouTube users every month? This means people are spending over billions of hour to watch YouTube videos every day. With that said, it can be easily concluded that YouTube is not just a social media platform but also a very powerful search engine for videos. The power of YouTube allows brands and businesses to expand their reach. So today Video Marketing becomes the most important part of a brands’ digital marketing strategy. Lets Check some SEO tips to boost your video performance –

Your video title must contain the target keyword 

It’s just the same thing we do while optimizing our written content, you have to use an SEO tool to find the relevant keywords for which your video is focusing on. At the same time, the keyword must be placed naturally in the title and it should not be just the exact keyword. The keyword title must be placed in such a way that it suggests the viewers what they are about to see.

Optimize the video description 

It is necessary to remember that YouTube only shows the first two or three lines of your description and after that, the viewers have to click “show more” to read the full description. That is the reason you must try to put relevant information about the video on the first two or three lines. If your description is optimized it will help you to show up in the suggested videos list which in turn can welcome many views for the channel.

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Your video must be tagged with popular keywords which are relevant to the topic 

Tagging your video with relevant keywords not only helps to inform the viewers but YouTube as well. What YouTube does with that is, it associates your video with other similar videos which expand your content’s reach, but do not ever use irrelevant keyword tags with the aim of gaining more viewers, it’s against the Google’s policy and they might penalize you as well.

Use a custom thumbnail image 

Your video thumbnail is the image which the viewers will see before clicking the video. There is always an option to use the auto-generated thumbnail supplied by YouTube but using a custom thumbnail always achieves better results. According to The Creator Academy reports, “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails”. Just make sure your YouTube channel is verified if you want to use a custom thumbnail image

Add cards in your videos to welcome more views 

We are sure while watching a YouTube video you have noticed a small circular icon with an “i” right on the corner. They are known as cards which you can use to promote your brand or videos on your channel. There are 6 types of cards you can use in your video –

1. Chanel cards which direct viewers to another channel.
2. Fan funding cards which ask the viewers to support the creation of your content.
3. Link cards that direct the viewers to an external site or platform.
4. Poll cards that allow the viewers to vote for a certain question.
5. Video cards that direct the viewers to other similar content.

With everything said, it is also necessary to keep in mind that a great YouTube channel features quality content. Along with optimizing your viewership, make sure that you have a great content base for your viewers.


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