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      7 exclusive E-commerce website design tips for unstoppable sales

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      E-commerce website design tips

      In the process of driving e-commerce sales and double conversions, it is not right to overlook any aspect associated with the customers. Whether it is checkout or landing page, it is essential to pay attention to all the e-commerce website pages and design it appropriately.

      Though, preparing out a way that balances a clear website functions with a splendid customer experience is just easy in words. Some e-commerce website design tips that can add more to your conversion rates and sales are:

      1. Be clear with the Call-to-action:

      It is one of the most beneficial tips that can help you enhance your e-commerce website design. If you want to turn your target audience into your customers, it is crucial to look upon the CTAs. Often, CTAs on e-commerce websites represent “add to the cart” or “purchase now” options that are visible on the page to attract an audience and make them buy it with just one click. Typically, it is performed with the usage of colourful themes and designs that attracts customers. Most of the website design company in Dhanbad pays attention to CTA to attract global customers.

      Another significant thing is aligning your website CTA with the web page intent where to locate it. For instance, the product webpage shows a CTA with the words “Purchase now” but loads to a page to “read to move ahead.” It sounds irritating to visitors, and they eventually shift to other e-commerce stores. If you’re stuck in finding the perfect CTA phrase, you can get the best options from the website development company.

      2. Highlight an urgency sense:

      On your e-commerce website, try to highlight an urgency sense. In a study, it was revealed that an urgency sense results in enhancing an e-commerce website’s conversions at a good percentage. The most reputable e-commerce web design company pays attention to CTA to capture visitor’s attention.

      It is easy to do this just by altering the words you showcase in the CTA. For instance, you can show “buy now” in the CTA rather than “start shopping here” as it reflects an urgent need and your visitor’s urge to buy from your website.

      If you’re stuck in selecting the right words for your CTA, you can take guidance from the topmost E-commerce website development company.

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      3. Use SSL with green bar:

      In some researches, it was revealed that SSL with a green bar reduces the chances of customers emptying the cart without buying it. With the green-bar present in SSL, it represents a loyal e-commerce store with a reputable image.
      SSL with green-bar works on encrypting user payment details that reduces the chances of any unauthorized person stealing them. Also, it prevents hackers from using customer payment details with the wrong intentions. If you want to build a secure e-commerce website, you can consult the website development company in Dhanbad for the best designs.

      A test was conducted wherein customers were given two options to complete forms. One form comprised of a proper seal, and another didn’t. The forms with the seal were preferred most by the customers rather than unsealed ones.
      When you consult with the web design company, you’re advised to use SSL that captures more audience.

      4. Add customer product reviews:

      If you want to speed up your sales and get the most out of conversion rates, it’s best to add reviews on e-commerce websites. Customers show interest in the web-stores that hold genuine product reviews. You can add a review box just under every product to help visitors learn about it from other customers.

      For this purpose, you can give customers a chance to give reviews or feedback for the product or service they buy from your store. When you surf at the topmost online stores, you also find their reviews beneficial in learning about the brand and product.

      5. Add valid descriptions and details:

      When buying a product, everyone looks at the description and details mentioned regarding it. Without valid descriptions, your store might miss capturing clients’ purchasing transactions. It is best to pay attention to your target buyers and capture their attention by showcasing appropriate product descriptions. Showcase the benefits that a customer gets with the product as it gives the customer satisfaction that you know what they’re looking for in the product!

      Also, it is crucial to keep the descriptions short and brief. Nobody’s interested in spending hours reading the product descriptions. So, a concise description is going to capture more visitors and target audiences. If your product description is long, you can also add a button with “read ahead” and hide the lengthy part.

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      6. Insert good images:

      A product or service represent with good images is always attractive to the visitors. Everyone pays much attention to the visuals rather than other things. It’s crucial to search out the images that are best for your product and is worth it to boost your customers into buying it.

      Also, if you keep the photo quality low or blurred, no one will check out your page further. It is essential to cover all the sides, showcasing the product with standard-quality images. It helps the customer have a proper look at the product and buy it. If you’re falling short of images worth matching with your products, you can consider hiring an E-commerce website design company.

      7. Provide multiple payment options:

      It is one of the most beneficial tips that can help you capture more customers. Not everyone in the world relies on using a single payment method for buying online products. If you’ve limited payment options on your website, the customers using different options might switch to other online stores. It’s best to include multiple payment options like debit cards, credit cards, online invoices, digital wallets, and so on. You can also take help from the E-commerce website design company for better options.

      If you’re planning to expand your business online, why not get an effective website design created by a professional web design company in Dhanbad! You’ll enjoy splendid benefits and proper guidance from the website design company in Kolkata.

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