7 Ways to Plan a Content Strategy

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7 Ways to Plan a Content Strategy

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7 Ways to Plan a Content Strategy

Is your content capable of attracting the maximum traffic for your site? If not then it’s high time that you should look back to your content strategy and start making changes to it. In this digital era, content is given the utmost importance. Some do also consider it to be the king of digital marketing. So, content deserves to be handled with a little more care than the usual. Content helps in attracting traffic, thus generates leads and creates profit for the business.

No matter whether the business is small or a giant one, each should have their own content strategy. Noteworthy, the content strategy created for a business will likely to be delivered the same result as that of the other. Each and every business structure should have their different strategy matching on their business, its needs, and the targeted customers. Using the right image or video with the content more often catches the eye of the viewers. The main focus of content strategy lies on the usefulness of the content. Truly, content strategy helps in proper creating, distributing and attracting the targeted customers for a particular business. Content strategy also helps in creating the brand awareness for any business organization. Defining content strategy in a more specific way; it is the planning, creating and management of the content in written form or in any other media, thus helping in creating leads and earns profits.

In order to guide; here are 7 basics rules that can help in creating a better content strategy for the business;

1. Knowing yourself

Why your customers would choose you over your competitors? There are many companies operating in the market and you need to be an expert so that everyone heard you.  The unique feature in your business attracts traffic to your website. So, it is needed to know the strength and the weakness and to define it in one or two unique sentences. Often visitors get attracted and can visit your site.

2. Goal of the content

What you want the content to do? Need to be very clear on that as content for one does not suit in the other. Like, specially designed for search engine ranking content cannot be used for sales or the vice versa. Contents are mainly created for the following three areas;

i. Brand awareness

ii. Organic search engine result page ranking

iii. Sales

3. Identifying your audiences

Who are your audiences? Content strategy largely depends on the audiences you are targeting. For different levels of customers, the content strategies are different. Through a survey, it is not hard to know, the language of your targeted customers, the publications they go through or the meetings and conferences they attend. With the specific definition of the customers, it will become easier to target the customer.

4. Creating a rough sketch

With the handful of information in hand, it would now be possible to create a rough sketch as for how to present the brand in front of the targeted customers. There can be many changes but creating a rough idea always comes handy in designing the strategy.

5. Discover the keywords and topic of the content

Keywords are also very important for the content. So, it is recommend taking some time in peace and deciding the keywords against which your content will be viewed in the SERP. Can use the head term keywords but it is seen that long tail keywords generate many fasters and creative result than the prior. Once chosen the keywords, now its times to choose the topic of the content that needs to be unique. The content topic needs to be unique and at the same time attract your targeted audiences the most.

Some are seen to hire a copywriter for the same purpose but if you had some time then with a little study can definitely create your own content.

6. Build your calendar

Content strategy is not a daily thing. You need to continuously post the new topic for your business. So, calendar maintenance is recommended where the topics along with the keywords are being stored and used later on.

7. Promotion and audit

While creating a content, it should be clear that how to promote the content. Depending on the brand you are with, the content can be promoted in various places. Planning for the maintenance and the audit of the content is also essential beforehand. Contents should be updated on a weekly or monthly basis so as to maintain your brand awareness among your targeted customers.

With the basic guidance on creating the content strategy, it is now possible to create one for yourself.